The New Years Party (BajanCanadian/TeamCrafted FanFic)

This is my first ever fanfiction, so please don't judge me if I have done anything wrong. It is going to get graphic, but I hope that is okay...xD It's about a girl who wins a trip to come live with TeamCrafted for an undecided amount of time. She quickly finds out that she is really into Mitch or BajanCanadian. If you are thinking about doing something similar send me a message or leave me a comment to go read it, i really need new stuff to read!Hope you like it. It would mean a lot to me if you leave a comment, telling me if you want more..;)
Thanks guys.


15. Stupid cramps!

Karoline's p.o.v.

   I wake up before Mitch and I just lie there, feeling the movements of his chest as he breaths. I start thinking about our make-out session yesterday. I feel sorry for stopping him, but I have two reasons. The first one is that I'm on my period until tomorrow and I wouldn't like to gross him out completely, so yeah... The second reason is that I met him two days ago. He is an amazing person and all, but I feel like we're moving a bit too fast. While I've been deep in my thoughts Mitch has started moving a bit and opens his eyes while he stretches and yawns. “Good morning honey,” I smile at him. He leans in and pecks my lips, then says; “Good morning biggums.” I let out an even bigger smile, when he says that. Biggums is a really cute nickname. should probably find a better one for him, than honey. It’s kinda girly. I hope he doesn’t take it too bad. “Did you sleep alright?” he asks me. He looks at me with his deep brown eyes. “I slept great. You make me feel safe and warm. I really like sleeping with you.” I smile at him while saying the last sentence. He smiles back and pecks my lips once more.

   Right there in that intimate moment, my stomach decides to cramp. It’s always in the last couple of days, of my period, where I get the worst of them. I lie down on my side and pull my legs up under me. I’m just a little ball now. My mouth is forming the circle of a silent scream. My eyes start to get wet. It feels like someone is stabbing me repeatedly. Mitch looks down at me and he looks confused for a moment, but then he remembers, that I’m on my period. “Is there anything I can do for you?” he asks as he begins stroking his hand over my hair. My lips feel like they are glued together, but I manage to get “It’ll go away in a couple of minutes. Hopefully,” over my lips.


Mitch’s p.o.v.

   She is in so much pain, I can see it. It’s a sight that makes me feel sick. There is nothing I wish more, in that moment, than for the pain to go away. I carefully stroke her hair and try to calm her. I had totally forgotten that she is on her period. I hope it’s over soon, but I don’t really know how this works. She starts getting a bit calmer, but then she sat up with a jerk. She moves to the edge of the bed and runs to the bathroom and slam the door behind her. Is she vomiting because of the pain? Is that even possible? I get up from the bed and walk to the door. I knock and when she doesn’t answer I open it. She is bending down over the toilet. So you can actually vomit from pain…? I walk over to her and squat down next to her. She lifts her head and flushes the toilet. She looks ill. There are bags under her eyes and her skin has a green tone to it. “I’m sorry, that you have to see me like this,” she says. “No worries biggums. When you’re ill, you’re ill and then nothing else, but that you get better maters.” I answer her with a little smile. My hands are cold and I put one of them on her forehead. She smiles a little smile at me and lets out a big sigh. She is beautiful even though her face is green and she’s wearing her pajamas. I could look at her all day, but she gets up on her knees and crawls to her toilet bag and find a little pill-jar. She opens it and swallows two of them. “These usually help me feel better,” she smiles at me and turns the front of the little jar to me so I can read on it. I take it out of her hand, but I can’t read it anyways - it’s in Danish. She gets up and leans in over the sink to drink a bit of water. When she is done she put her hand out for me to take and then pulls me up from the floor. We both walk back to my bed and she lies her head on my chest just as before. She is falling asleep again and I just watch her.

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