The New Years Party (BajanCanadian/TeamCrafted FanFic)

This is my first ever fanfiction, so please don't judge me if I have done anything wrong. It is going to get graphic, but I hope that is okay...xD It's about a girl who wins a trip to come live with TeamCrafted for an undecided amount of time. She quickly finds out that she is really into Mitch or BajanCanadian. If you are thinking about doing something similar send me a message or leave me a comment to go read it, i really need new stuff to read!Hope you like it. It would mean a lot to me if you leave a comment, telling me if you want more..;)
Thanks guys.


36. A secret plan

Karoline's p.o.v.
My days at the Team Crafted house has been nothing less than amazing. I get on really well with all of the guys - especially Mitch of course! The people whom atended the party have gone home and the guys keep talking about going home as well and i don't know what there's gonna happen to me when they do. I hope Mitch asks me to come home with him and meet his family, because i really don't want to go back home. There is actually nothing i want to do less. I have fallen deeply in love with Mitch and there is nothing to do about it. I need to ask him soon. 
   We've started going more into the city - doing more everyday stuff and also some sightseeing, since both Mitch and I aren't from here. I've found that the group is kind of split in two - the ones who like staying at home doing almost nothing all day and the ones who like for stuff to happen. I think I'm a part of both of them, even though i tend to love lazy days at home with a good book and couch cuddles. 

Mitch's p.o.v.
   Karoline is cuddled up on my chest - just like we both like it. In the last couple of days we've watched all 8 Harry Potter movies, The Lord of the Rings trilogy + The Hobbit 1+2. Karoline isn't really into all the movies about love and I don't mind that. We've both watched the movies a million times and that means that I've had a lot of time to think about what we are going to do when I have to go back home. I know Karoline doesn't want to go back home and I really don't want her to leave, but she's still in school and I don't think it would be a good idea for me to ask her to move in with me. I mean, my heart belongs to her, but we've been dating for 2 weeks. 
   I get up from the couch and Karoline's head drops down on the couch.
"Were are you going love?" she asks while getting comfortable on the couch.
"I need to answer an important email I forgot about," i answer - even though that's not what I'm doing. Karoline shifts a bit around and gets comfortable on the couch as i walk up stairs to my room. I need Karoline's computer to do what I'm planning and to my relief, I don't need a password. Her Skype is open and that's just what i need. I calculate the time difference and then call her mom. 
"Hi sweetheart," her mom opens and i now realize how nervous I am.
"Umm... Hi... It's Mitch," I say and she is silent for a moment .
"Oh. Mitch.. Hi.. Is there something wrong with Karoline since you are calling me?" 
"No nothings wrong," I assure her and proceed to take a deep breath. The next thing I'm gonna say is going to either go really bad or really good.
"I'm calling you to ask if Karoline could come and live with me in Montreal."
"Mitch, this is a lot to ask," she says, but I cut her off before she can say more.
"I'm utterly in love with your daughter and there is nothing I wouldn't do to make her happy! She could go to school in Canada and finish her education here as well!"
"Mitch I only want her to be happy as well, but I don't know if her English is good enough for her to attend and all English school and there is no way she would just leave all her stuff back here," she points out.
"Her English is amazing and we could ship all of her stuff out here!" I maybe sound a bit too enthusiastic, but this is my biggest wish at the moment. 
"Do you even have the money to feed two persons, pay rent and all the other stuff it takes for her to move in with you. She would also need a visa and that isn't the easiest thing to get." I had forgotten about the visa, but we can get one of those.
"Well get her one and on the money side of things I can afford it even though she doesn't have a job."
"I want the best for her and I know how happy she is with you." My heart is beating really fast. What if she doesn't give Karoline permission? 
"Okay Mitch - I'll start packing her stuff," she said and I almost screamed with you. After that Karoline's mom and I decided that we wouldn't tell her anything untill I got her a visa and all her stuff had arrived at my place in Montreal.

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