The boy

When Bella moves to a new street she meets a boy and his girlfriend walking down the street. Her mom convinces her to make friends. What will happen when she falls in love with the boy? Finding out he lives on her new little street? What will happen if his girlfriend Tammy finds out!?


1. Moving

Bella's pov.

" Mom do we have to move? ". I said whining to my mother. She is making us move to this new little house on a little street. I want nothing to do with it! " we're moving wether u like it or not! ". She left the room as I rolled my eyes.

Then, my brother walked in. He was six years old and is really annoying! " Ha! Mom yelled at you! ". He teased. He was skipping in a circle around me. " Move it u little brat! ".

I grabbed my boxes and put them in the truck's trunk. Then I went and sat in the front seat.

We had a 3 hour ride ahead of us in a burning hot car. The entire ride I had to deal with the heat and my stupid brother singing little Barney songs.

When we got in the house, the living room looked as big as a football field! My brother and I went to check out the kitchen. It was huge! It looked like the dining room was connected to the kitchen!

Then, we got to check out the basement. It didn't even look like a scary basement! It was like a gaming room! It had a foosball table! I guess when the people moved they forgot the table.

It was time to check the awesome bedrooms upstairs! For this one my brother and I went separate ways. I called dibs on the big bedroom with lite blue walls. I even had enough time to pick out a room for my dad's office area.

Finally it was time to check out the backyard. It was huge!!! It had a pool and a basketball court. And a little barbecue corner!

I think I was gonna like moving! Except when i don't have friends. :(

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