Good Girls Go Bad

I'm good, He's bad. I'm innocent, He's experienced. He's fire, I'm ice. He's harry and I'm Madison. Most people say opposites attract... But does it really? He's likes it 'When good girls go bad' but I know he just wants in my pants. Maybe I would too if he wasn't my soon to be step-brother.

Btw this is going to be dirty so if you don't like that don't read it


1. Chapter 1



"Oh lighten up why don't ya?" My father tells me as we drive to my new school. 

"Why would I lighten up? You're making me move in the middle if the year to some shit town in England." 

"You'll like it trust me." My father try's to lighten the mood. I guess it works but I'm still pissed I have to wear a uniform to school. 

"I don't get it. You make one business trip to England and suddenly you're head over heals for this woman who is probably using you for your money." I snap 

He takes a long sigh before talking. "Anne's not using me for my money, she really cares about me, she loves me and I love her."

 I silently gag in my seat. What kind of a 48 year old man talks about how much he loves his 42 year old girlfriend. I guess it's because I'm jealous maybe? I'm jealous because all if my past relationship have been shit. I go for the preppy boys who are jerks that wear polos and their tight khaki pants and golf shoes or some shit. Maybe I need to try new things, after all I'm in a new place HELL I'm in a new country. 

"Usually the woman moves for the man, not the other way around." My fathers face turns in to a disappointed frown, and he opens his mouth to say something but then closes it. It's true It would have been better if it's the other way around, but I guess if I'm here I might as well make the best of it.

We pull up to a huge school and my father stops to let me out. " I don't know why you wouldn't have let me drive myself to school?" 

" I don't know why you have to argue with me all the time? Besides you know your car is still in Florida." I roll my eyes playfully at my father and he chuckles, I give him a quick hug and reach for the car door but my father stops me. 

"Oh and I didn't move here for Anne, I moved because of business. It's not like we moved into the same house as them." 
"Them?" What does he mean by that? 

"Anne has a son a year older than you and a daughter a couple years older, but her daughters in collage." Great. 

"Okay." I say. "Is there anything else you would like to say, you know how I don't like to be late to class, especially on my first day!"

"Nope." He says popping the 'P' I laugh at my fathers goofiness. I open the door and step out to be welcomed by a January breeze hitting my exposed legs that should be covered by skinny jeans but instead a ugly school uniform plaid skirt. 

"Oh and Madison, one more thing?" My father calls from the rolled down window causing the attention of the group of Hot guys standing near my fathers car. 

"And what would that be Anthony?" I call him out on his real name. 

"Have a lovely first day, pumpkinnnn!" My fathers says and drives away. My checks go red and as a turn back around to the group they are all laughing at me as I quickly walk away. Today's gonna be a great day... Not! 

As I walk into the school building I go right to the office. I tell the lady at the front desk my name and that I'm new as she silents me with a finger and continues typing on the keyboard. I grow impatient so I start clicking my nails against the office desk to get her attention. She shoots me a glare and goes back to typing. I swear if she's doing anything else other than saving a child's life or printing out my schedule I will fly over that desk and break that computer screen so she will look at me. I know I wouldn't do that. I'm all talk but she's really starting to piss me off. 
"You must be Madison Taylor!" A man in a suit says and I turn my head to give him a friendly smile. 
"Yes that me." I say and smile

"Why don't you come into my office and I'll get your schedule printed so you can get to your classes." 

I do just that and I'm out of there in a minute. I look down at my schedule  and my new student pass. I take a look at my classes I take almost all advanced classes. I'm like a nerd without being a nerd. I'm smart and friendly but I don't dress in sweater vests and wear dorky glasses, not like I have a choice of that here anyways. The halls are clear as I make my way to my first class AP chemistry. When I find the class room I triple check to make sure
It's the correct room and teacher. I lightly knock on the door. When the teacher opens the door I show her my schedule and pass and she gives me a smile. 

"Class, this is Madison, she our new student. Take a seat anywhere you like dear." I take a seat in the middle of the class room and that's how my day goes, up until 5 period. Theater 

When I get to class late after struggling to find my class I lightly knock on the door. When my teacher opens the door I am yet again greeted with a welcoming smile like all of my other teachers have. 
"Madison, you can take a seat where ever we don't have assigned seats in here but people typically sit in the same spot everyday. I scan for an open chair on the black bleachers. There is only one open and it's next to a curly hair boy with an endless amount of tattoos. What does his mother think? I gulp and walk to the chair. He looks up from his phone as I sit down and study's me with a gaze looking me up and down. Oh god. I might as well try to make some friends sense this period is the period that lunches run through.  I only made one today that I plan to sit with at lunch. 

"Hi. I'm Madison." I say and smile as he looks at my lips and lets a smile appear on his lips before goes back to texting on his phone. 

I see him look up at me a few times but I try not to let him know I notice. 
"Okay, that's the bell for lunch. Madison can I talk to you?"  Mrs. Frank asks. I nod my head and grab my lunch out if my backpack 
"Yes?" I ask as I approach her 
"I wanted to tell you this class you need to bring a white 1 inch binder as soon as you can, and after your lunch is dismissed you come back to this class." Mrs. Frank says and gives me a smile.

I walk to the end of the hallway where my new friend I guess. Said she would meet me for lunch. Her name is Kayla. Me and Kayla walk to lunch and sit at a table across from the one the curly hair boy in my theater class is sitting at. He looks me up and down as I take a seat and he winks at me. For some reason
My heart flutters and I wink back making him chuckle exposing his deep dimples. 

A/N okay what do you think? It's not my first in that I wrote but it's the only one that I actually kinda like, and it's my first in on movellas! Please tell me what you think I take criticism really well. Yes I know I don't have the best grammar and punctuation but there is always room to improve!! 

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