Like most girls at Black Feather Academy, preppy Caia Leroux has had a crush on Wade Cross ever since the infamous scholarship student first came to school, but after countless rejections from him, Caia infered that stirring clear of him would be the best choice. Yet little did she know that this outrageously sexy guy was hiding a horrific secret just like a good half of the school population.

Now trapped in a game that knows no extent, Caia must find a way to save herself but mostly her heart who's utterly untamed while she's around a certain irritating slash irresistible prick.

The Black Feather Academy is soon going to be the stage of an epic battle that promise losses...


1. Black Feather

The Black Feather Academy has always been like home for me, no wonder, I grew up here for my ancestors were the one who founded it and now my parents were the one who were in charge  of the private educational institution which was refered as the epitome of perfection though  the whole country,something that I begged to differ.

Located in a  town of the same name, the school welcomed yearly students from all over the world, chiefly from rich families but scholarships were also given to some remarkable students who could not afford the school fees and those were usually inhabitants of the town. One in fact was particularly known, Wade Cross.

Hands-down sexy, a freaking genius but most of all, absolutely and irrefutably heartless.


Technically he was no player because he never dated, he just broke your heart by telling you that you were wasting his precious time and that mostly did it for most girl. I experienced it first-hand in fact and boy at a point I had been utterly desperate but I swiftly regained myself and inferred that this one boy was not worth my time, even if it was actually the other way around.

Ironically right now in the school's library the same Wade Cross was gazing at me strangely and morosely it dawned a bit too late that I had actually been thinking aloud.

Slumping lower in my seat, I could already perceive my cheeks growing a dusky red and I instinctively shoved my Pride and Prejudice copy in front of my face.


Gotta say it that was me ,Caia Leroux, in all my weirdness and awkwardness, welcome to my world!



Author's Note:


I hope you enjoyed it! My first book up here!



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