My everything

Hi my name is Ella I am 19 years old and I am close friends with Harry styles. Not the famous harry styles who travels the world with his band one direction, but the harry styles I have known since I was In nappies. The Harry styles who make a complete fool of himself. The Harry styles who I am deeply in love with.


4. please today please

I woke up this morning after a rubbish sleep and went down stairs to get some breakfast. Only harry was awake. I sat down next to him. "Morning" he smiled and I smiled back." What will one be having for breakfast for I am your loyal servant" Harry said, he is a little weirdo but I decided to go along with it." I shall have my royal toast with... Jam" I said putting on my best royal accent." Certainly oh great one" Harry said walking over to the cabinet." Would ones toast like to be accommodated with some of the worlds finest juice" said harry still going a with the wvhole thing. "Yes that would be Devine" I said, I did really want some juice.

After the breakfast we sat down and watched love actually. Mine and Harry's favourite film. I snuggled into Harry and he kissed my head." What was that for?" I asked I was shocked harry and never kissed me ever not even on the cheek. "Ella I have known you for 19 years now, and from the first time I ever seen you smile it was the best thing in the whole world and I knew from then I never want to see that smile off you face, Ella I love you". Oh my god. This is happening he feels the same way. "Harry... I love you too" the biggest smile I had ever seen spread across Harry's face. He lent in for a kiss and I lent in further until our lips met." Morning love birds" Said louis." Hi louis, your up early" said harry." I thought I heard the rear sound of love on this bus" said louis smirking." We'll mate you've got a good set over ears there" said harry kissing me on the head again.

Liam, Niall and Zayn all came down stairs and louis spread the news like Harry did the jam on my 'royal' toast." That's sick" said Zayn with a smile on his face, he came over and gave me a hug like we just announced we were getting engaged." What do you want to do today?" Asked Niall." Let's oh to a water park" said Liam excitedly." Well we are in America home to great water parks" said Zayn. So we all went into are rooms to pack some bags. I put on my bikini, some shorts, a baggy top and my new balance. I backed a bag with some towels and stuff and went downstairs. All the boys where ready to go.

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