My everything

Hi my name is Ella I am 19 years old and I am close friends with Harry styles. Not the famous harry styles who travels the world with his band one direction, but the harry styles I have known since I was In nappies. The Harry styles who make a complete fool of himself. The Harry styles who I am deeply in love with.


5. great 2nd day

The bus pulled up into a car park at about 2:00. We all got of and walked over to the entrance. After we payed we walked around there was a bit of grass were we decided to set up. I stripped of to my bikini and tied my hair up into a scruffy bun. All the boys started to stare at me. Great." Jesus Christ Harry, your a lucky fella" said louis ginning as he tried to set up a dec chair." Yeah I know but ever hit on my girl again and your out the band" Said harry in my defence. I giggled and walked over to harry. He kissed me and put his sunglasses on me. I giggled as he kissed my head." What one should we go on first?" Asked Niall." That one looks sick" said Zayn pointing up to a big slide that towered above the others." That one it is" said Harry and we all set off looking for the bottom.

As we were walking I heard some girls screaming, I turned my head to see them looking in our direction but as I turned the girls gave me the dirtiest look ever. Harry turned around and seen what the girls were doing. He kissed me on the head to assure them that I was with him."don't let them bother you, some can be viscous some can be nice" said harry rapping his arm around me." There it is" said Liam looking up at the massive slide. We walked up a set of stairs until we got to the top. It was a big ribber ring that could have to people in it. Liam and Niall went together first, then louis and Zayn then me and harry." Harry I'm a bit scared it's really high" I said my voice trembling slightly." It's ok babe I have got you and I won't let go" said Harry as he put his hands around my waist. We got into the ring and waited for the green light. It flashed and we were plunged down a long blue slide. I screamed and grabbed onto Harry's arms still around my waist. We sped around twists and turns until we were flung into a small pool at the end of the slide were the rest of the boys were waiting.

We went on a few more slides until we decided to have something to eat. I felt a bit sick from the slides so I just got a slush. We sat down with are stuff and started to chat." So Ella I don't actually know that much about you" said Liam. " there's not really much to know" I replied." tell me about your family, who do you live with?" Said Liam trying to get something out of me." Well I live with my mum I am an only child and my dad left when I was 7" I said hoping everyone would have lost interest before the bit about my dad." Oh well my mum and dad are divorced and that was pretty tough but it wasn't the end if the world" said louis."'this is good pizza" said Niall trying to lighten the mood." It is want a slice?" Asked Harry." Yeah why not" I replied and took the slice it was a meat feast mine and Harry's favourite.

After a couple more rides we decided to go back to the bus. I went upstairs to get changed when I came out my bathroom harry was on the end of my bed. "How long have you been there for?" I asked Harry." I followed you upstairs" said Harry with a grin on his face. I sat down on the bed next to him he put his arm around me. There was a silence, not an awkward silence but an 'appreciate the moment' silence. After a small amount of time I had drifted off to sleep


She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. I never wanted to let go of her. If anything were to happen to ell than my world would fall apart. When the press find out her privacy is ruined and I don't want that to happen to her its an awful thing but I wasn't going to worry about that now. After a while I started to feel tired so I drifted of to sleep as well.

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