Lying Truth

Taylor, brought up in a world wear factions fight factions, where blood is spilled every day, where you find that everything you have ever been told to believe was a lie, where knowing the truth can get you killed.


1. 16

I awake up to a world of pitch darkness, just what I awake up to every day. I have no faction, for I am factionless, well that was what my parents were, but we were not called the factionless. We were called the Evil. Nobody wanted to be us, nobody even took a look at us. We were worthless, no worth, nothing, that was us. But this was the day everything would change. This was the day, that I would do the aptitude test, a test which was given to all sixteen year old, to determine there faction. My goal was to escape the factionless, and show all the citizens who called us evil. I twisted my dark red hair out of its bun, and I stared into my reflection in the mirror. This was the first time, I had ever looked at my reflection. I see a girl, who I think could possibly not be me. With long wild red hair, she looks brave, with large green eyes that strangely remind me of cats eyes, and a face which is not delicate but ruined with a scar from her  left eyes to her  left side of my mouth. Only I know, what the scars mean. Pain. Agony. Hatred. I turn around, my eyes turn to see my mother. My mother stares at me, a shadow hidden in her face. With long brown hair which is plaited to a side, and lovely brown eyes, my mother would be something to look at. But here in our factionless, we are taught to hide our beauty, sometimes I would see my mother sit by herself, her lovely brown hair surrounding her face, singing a beautiful song. When I would ask my mother, she would tell me she was not singing.


I walk towards my mother, her eyes look at me, and I know she must be seeing a younger version of herself in me. My mother hugs me, startling me. This is the first time, my mother is hugging me, and I know she is afraid of losing me. My father was killed by Dauntless men, who believed my father was planning to bomb them. My mother looks at me, and then slips off the locket she wore, and slips it around my neck. I walk out of the door, feeling my mother watching me. I walk towards the far away school, where I know the aptitude test will be done. Amity. Dauntless. Candor. Erudite. Abnegation. Which one will be the one for me? Whatever it is, I can't fail the training, I can't become factionless like my mother. For being factionless brought a lot of pain and sorrow, watching my mother cry every day, I knew this was not the place for me. But I wondered where would be my home. I stood outside the school, sweat trickling down my face. The bright sun reflecting off the glass windows. I walk inside nervously. Everybody knows everyone, brothers and sisters hand in hand, and friends huddle together. But there is nobody else like me. We walk into a hall, and I watch everybody sit in there factions. The Dauntless brave and wild, daring each other and punching one another, the Erudite discussing the news lusting for knowledge, the amity play games with one another, the Candor watch everyone else, with an evil smirk, while the Abengation sit quietly, looking at one another.


"Taylor. and Jake from Dauntless" a voice speaks out.

I stand up, and watch a handsome black haired boy stand up, and make his way. I walk to my test, feeling the boy Jake piercing stares, he looks at me, up and down, and then at my face.

"I'm Jake." the boy exclaims loudly, and then fist punching me.

"Taylor." I reply.

I walk into my aptitude test and feel nerves. I see a woman with dark skin, and brown hair looking at me. A pair of black rimmed glasses sit at her neck, and a "I am the Devil!" tattooed on her neck. The woman notices me looking, and smiles friendly.

"I am Arisha, and you must be Taylor, come and sit here." Arisha tells me.

I sit on the chair, and feel Arisha looking at me.

"Drink this." Arisha tells me.

"What is it?" I ask curiously.

"Just a serum." Arisha tells me.

"What does it do?" I ask back.

"Just begins your test." Arisha replies.

"Is it safe." I mumble.

"Of course." Arisha tells me.

I drink the serum, and I start feeling dizzy, when I wake up I am in a dark room. These dauntless men are chasing me with guns, I run fast and fast. Suddenly a women appears, asking me about knife or gun. I look at each of them, and take both of them. The woman watches me, and then disappears. Suddenly a ten headed beast is chasing me. I take the gun and fire, and then I run towards the beast, and stab it in its heart, suddenly the scene changes and a man is watching me, like he is spying on me. Suddenly, the man walks towards me, and starts shaking me, you killed it.

"You killed it." the man shakes me.

"No, No" I reply.

"Did you see this woman?" he asks me, showing me a picture of my mother.

Why is this man, looking for my mother I wonder?

"No." I lie.

"Your lying, tell me the truth." the man shouts.

"I am not lying, now leave me alone." I shout back.

The guy places a knife near my neck.

"Tell me the truth." the guy asks.

I look for the knife in my pocket, and stab the guy in the leg, and then run off.

Suddenly I wake up, Arisha looks at me, and then walks off, then she comes back.

"This can't be. No." Arisha tells me.

"What is it?" I ask.

"Your result is inconclusive. Your divergent." Arisha tells me.

"Is that good, my mother would be proud." I tell Arisha.

"No, you can't tell anyone." Arisha orders me.

I walk out of the training. Inconclusive. Divergent.

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