Between Walls

Moving away from everyone seemed the way out.
Leaving Jonah behind was hard, i thought my life was going to be easier.
But this guy next door, he's really something else.
Nothing but bangs at night, bottles smashing through the day/
All I know is one thing,
His name Is Harry Styles


2. Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up to peace and quiet. 

"Finally" I sighed with a slight smile on my face.

I was woken up atleast 5/6 times during the night during the session of next door sex.

I clambered my body out beneath the sheets and reached to my phone that buzzed away on the side cupboard.

"Jonah" I breathed.

Hey babe! How is it up in London? Hope your journey wasn't too bad? Text me back when you can. Xx Jonah

I smiled at the simple text that will make my day so much easier.

Me and Jonah have been together for 2 years, we met through our parents,. His father worked with mine and we instantly liked each other. It wasn't for another 3 months until Jonah eventually asked me to be his girlfriend, which of course, I agreed to. Our parents were probably more happy then we were too see us together, they constantly got the families together for meals and days out. I was over-whelmed to have my first serious relationship, and I couldn't imagine being with anyone better, he's my best-friend, hes my Jonah.

I managed to pull out my showering necessities from my half empty suitcases, for me to use to wash. I lined them up along the shower shelf and fiddled around the buttons until the water gushed out of the shower head. I dropped my night clothes and stuck my arm under the water to test the temperature. I smiled at the warmth it conducted. 

My naked body tingled as the warm water hit me. I tilted my head back, letting the rapid water drench my hair. I massaged in my coconut shampoo softly onto my head through my long dirty blonde hair. Once I washed the full length of my body and hair, I fiddled with the buttons again till the produce of water stopped. I stepped out of the bath and let my body drip dry onto the towels beneath me. I wrapped one around my bare cold body andanoter I twisted around my dripping wet hair.

I clambered my naked body into my onesie and pulled the towel out from around my hair,letting my damp locks fall over my shoulders and back. A loud polite knock erupted on my door, the un-familiar gesture causing me to jump slightly. I walked through the hall, reaching the door I opened it. A girl around my age stood in front of me, she had locks of ginger hair pulled back and high into a bun. She had wide cloudy eyes and a neat freckled face. "Hi" She smiled. 
"Hello" I said in my most friendly voice. 

"I just thought I'd pop round to introduce myself, you see I live next door on your right. I'm Brooke" She grinned, her cloudy eyes scanning my un-organised morning look. "Lovely to meet you Brooke, I'm Jennifer"I gave her my dimpled smile that seemed to fall anyone. "Well it was lovely meeting you but i must shoot" She spun on her heels. "Wait!" I found myself calling out to her. She whipped around, giving me a 'continue'  look on her sweet face. "I was wondering if you know who lives on my left?" I raised my eyebrows at her. She glanced at the door further along the corridor. "Oh, His names Harry, Harry Styles, No-one knows much about him really,apart from that he does drugs and drinks constantly" She nodded slightly as she spoke. "And he has a girl over to his at least every night, you may have noticed" She awkwardly brought her gaze to the floor. I grinded my teeth together, "Yeah, I heard" I chuckled silently."Well I'll see you soon" I smiled, she gave me a little waveoff and I shut the door behind her.

Hmmm.....Harry Styles?


It took me atleast 45 minutes for my TV to be set up, along with my internet. I'm doing myself proud with all this DIY. As I sat down on the couch I instantly remembered I hadn't text Jonah back from earlier today. I pulled out my phone from the onesie pocket.

Hey Jonah! Im sorry I havent got around to replying to you, I've been so busy sorting the place out. The journey wasn't very bad at all, I slept most of the way. I haven't been out in London yet, I don't start work till next wednesday so I guess I have time xX Jennifer

I locked my phone and placed it on charge on the coffee table. I grabbed a hair brush from my room and pulled it roughly through my straight dry hair. I raked my fingers through my hair,letting it decide which parting it was going to take. 

My phone bleeped minutes later, I heard it from my bedroom so I ran into the living are and launched my body on the sofa, grabbing my phone on the fall.

Thats okay! Well, I want to know what places your seeing, I think Londons a lovely place! Have you met any of your neighbours yet?Xx Jonah

I shifted in my seat uncomfortably.

I met one, a girl around my age, she's lovely, a bit bubbly but she really is lovely, A guy called Harry lives the other side of me, I haven't met him yet, but he doesn't sound like my cup of tea!Xx Jennifer

Oh dear! Stay away from him honey! I don't want you getting hurt,Im off to bed now, goodnight, I love you Xx Jonah

My eyes clasped on the clock above my kitchen door. "10 last 10!" I gasped. 

I lost track of the time! Im off aswell, yeah, you too!Xx Jennifer

I turned off all electrics in the main room and headed to mine, I slipped into my duvet and heard nothing but piece and quiet. It was perfect.

BANG, BANG, THUD "Argg Harry....oh yeah....Harry" 

I spoke too soon.

----------------The Next Morning----------------

I stared at my disgusting reflection in my mirror, the bags under my eyes were gross and my hair looked a wreck. I pulled it back ferociously into a bun. I left my face natural. I don't want to impress him

I pulled my sweats up a little and pulled the short top down, my hip bones the only flesh showing. I stormed out of my apartment in rage mode. "I can't do this" I stood in front of my sexually intimate neighbours door. I need to let him know that I don't appreciate his girlfriends orgasms whilst im attempting to sleep. 

I took a deep breath and pounded my fist on the door. I heard a smash of a glass and footsteps. "Piss off" A young,husky and quite attractive voice spoke from behind the door. 

Attractive...Wait, shut up Jennifer.

I ignored the harsh words and pounded heavier on the door.

Finally after what seemed like years of waiting the door finally creaked open. 

Jesus Christ.

A young man sat the height of around 5ft11 stood tall in front of me. His pair of sweats sitting low at his hip line, revealing tones V lines. My eyes scanned up his body, his white shirt hung low around his neck. It was when my eyes took a glance at his face when I was taken aback. This sexual intimate neighbour, was hot.

He had thick dark curls pushed up and away off his fore-head. He had wide mesmerizing green eyes, He wasn't even smiling and I could tell it would be beautiful and have dimples at each corner of his mouth.I could tell his eyes were scanning me as the green eyes beauty, looked me up and down, a playful smirk cornering his mouth. "You don't have an appointment" He smirked,still eyeing me up. "I didn't come here for an appointment" I spat, keeping my eye contact off of his. "Well, we can book one if you like?" He raised an eyebrow at me, he crossed the bottom of his feet over and propped himself up leaning on the door frame.

Lord help me.

"No, I wanted to tell you to stop interrupting my sleep!" I spat, I contained the anger that he boiled inside of me."And in what way am I keeping you up?" His second eyebrow raised at me. I watched his nostrils inflate as he breathed in. "Well, your girlfriend is keeping me up, with her constant orgasms!" I said through stern gritted teeth. He threw his head back slightly and chuckled, his chest rising and falling with the small laugh. "What?" I grumbled.
"For one, I don't have a girlfriend" He said, counting his points with his fingers. "..and for two, I can't help being a good fuck" He shrugged his muscled shoulders. I shook my head as my body tensed at his dirty choice of words. "Whatever Harry, next time could you possibly do it away from the wall" I said to him, "Eh, maybe" He shrugged again. "It surely must be rude that I don't know your name?" He adjusted his position against the door frame. I spun around to leave.
"Jennifer" I said,whipping around down the hall. As I stepped into my apartment I let my body fall to the floor against the wall. I let out a deep breath.

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