Between Walls

Moving away from everyone seemed the way out.
Leaving Jonah behind was hard, i thought my life was going to be easier.
But this guy next door, he's really something else.
Nothing but bangs at night, bottles smashing through the day/
All I know is one thing,
His name Is Harry Styles


1. Chapter 1

"Im sorry Jonah, I really have to go"
He understood, he just didn't want to be away from me. I fell into his arms once more, they were so safe and reliable, his scent lingered on me."It's not like I'm moving country" I pulled back in our hug to take a glimpse at his dark brown eyes. "I know, its going to miss you" He whimpered. 
"I'll miss you too" I weakly smiled. He leant down so our lips met, softly brushing against each others. "I'll come and see you soon, I love you" He pecked my nose. I nodded slowly.
"You too" I squinted my eyes. I stepped out of his arms to open the door of the taxi that pulled up alongside us. I slid into the seat, pulling the handle of the door to a close. 
"Where to Ma'am?" The driver said, looking at me through the rearview mirror.
"London, Liverpool Street" I directed.
My eyes clasped onto Jonah as the driver started the car and pulled out of the drive. I watched him until his disappeared in sight as the car turned a corner.


"Im sorry for your loss Jennifer" Another friend approached, I just nodded, letting Jonah thank others for their respect of my Fathers death. I looked down at the box that sat deep in the ground. "Bye Daddy" I whimpered as men re-shoveled the hole. Jonah took my hand in his and we left the funeral. I didn't want to look back, because he's never going to be there again. Never.

"Huh" I gasped, lifting my head of the cold window. 
"Are you okay Ma'am?" The taxi driver asked, looking back at me briefly. I sat up straighter in the seat, blinking away the sleepiness in my eyes. "Errm..Yeah, Im fine" I said quietly, adjusting the seat-belt that was pulled across my body. "A few minutes left of the journey Ma'am" He informed me. Not saying another word I looked out the window, glancing at the surrounds I would soon call home.


"Thank you so much for the drive" I thanked the friendly taxi man. He closed the boot  of the large car, placing the last of my bags at my feet. "Your welcome Ma'am" He smiled. I fished out a few notes passing them to him. "Keep the change" I weakly smiled. After thanking me a million times the driver left. Leaving me with more then a few bags at my feet. I managed to contain all of the bags on my arms as I walked into the tall bricked building that contained many apartments.

I walked straight into the building, climbing into the first lift, It took me to the 4th floor where apartment 136 sat along the never ending corridor. I fished out the keys I was given when the place was marked as mine and shoved them into the door, I turned the keys until a positive click corrupted and the door was available to open. I was more then shocked when the main room was into view. They were a lot more modern and well decorated then I was told.

I instantly found the large bedroom, just unpacking my main accessories. "I'll do the rest tomorrow" I sighed deeply. I ate the sandwich I brought from a service station on the way here and clambered into my night clothes. I slipped into the soft sheets of my new double bed and just laid there. Staring up at the ceiling. 

A loud Bang and thuds interrupted my attempts of sleeping. I shot up. There they were again.

Bang, Thud, Bang, Bang, Thud.

This time, a few more noises joined in the musical racket.

"Ahh, Errrr, Ohh,Yeah, Uhh, Ha-Harry....."

These were things I didn't want to hear at night.

Now my attempts of sleeping were also ruined, by some chick and a guy called Harry having sex against a wall.

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