My story(Harry Styles fanfic)

He fell for her.She knew he was a player but fell for him.But there is this other boy which is a pure opposite of him,WHO WILL SHE FALL FOR?Is ist Styles or is it Horan?Or is she a Horan by blood?


5. Why doeas he care about me

''Amy ,come with me''he said with his dark voice''What if  don't want to?''i asked him.''You have to''he pulled me outside and closed the door.He pushed me close the wall and kissed me.His tongue went into my mouth and my tongue tried to stop it but i still kissed him back.''Enough'' i said and pushed him away.He said''No it's not''he pushed me into the wall gain and kissed me for about 15 minutes.When he stopped i was exhausted,his kisses were in the same time rough and careless and full of love and sweet.''Now it's enough''he said''See ya in a hour'' then he gone into his room and i was dizzy as hell.I walked into my room all red and hot.''What the hell happened!?''El yelled at me when i walked i''U don't wanna now''I changed into my black dress and i tied my hair in a french braid and tied it with a silver ribbon.I picked up my gray bag''We goin?''i asked and we got out of the hotel.We got to the mall pretty quick.I saw Harry and the guys in mcdonalds .I waved at Niall and they met us outside mc.''There's that little black dress''Harry said''Shut it Styles,i'm suprised that a gazillion of fants aint here''i said and Harry backfired''Lil miss Sassy again.Later i'll tech ya no to mess with me.''he said''Don't you tell my sister anythin or don't teach her anythin or you'l be in trouble''Niall said ''Thnx big bro'' i said and me and the girls walked away

----3 hours later,midday----

We were exhausted.I decided to relax and go to the pool.I put on my blue swimsuite and headed to the pool.Harry was there and when i got my beachtowel on the ground he came to me.''Now is your lesson babe''he said and layed next to me on the towel.He kissed me and his hands were around my waist.''Ok ok Harry i learned my lesson'' i said while he hugged me''Good,now come here''he sad and i kissed him''Enough is enough''i said ''You now how i would like to see ya without that swimsuit?''he said ''Dream of it Styles''i said and put my head on his shoulder while he stroked my hair.''You will be futrure mrs.Styles u now?''he said ''Maybe Styles,maybe''i said ''There's no maybe in that,u will be only mine,i've already had u so ur mine girl''he said and i shivered''Don't remind me of that i can't believe u did that to me''i said and he pulled me closer to him''I did it with you cus i love u,you're my only true love''he said and kissed me''Wanna go to have a swim''he asked when he ended the kiss''Sure''i said and we walked to the pool and jumped in.He pushed me under the water and kissed me there.The boys ran to the pool and jumped in''jeeeeeeeeeez,guys ya couldn't make a bigger splash'' i asked them sarcasticly.''Ya sister's right Niall can we atleast have some private time?''Harry asked Niall.I saw the girls who were on their beach towels and got out of the pool.''El,Dani!U came too?'' i asked as i came closer''Yup,we were wondering where were u''El said''Don't ask dear,Harry practicly tortured me here'' i said''Shall we go for a swim.When we got to the pool Dani pushed me in''Oh come on give me a hand here D''i said and she gave me her hand.I pulled her in.''Amy ur deaaad''she said .El jumped in into the pool''Dani,remember that my brother and my boyfriend are gonna kill u if u even scratch me'' i said and i felt someone hugging me from the back''Harry,stop it baby''i said and pulled one of his curls''Auch!Amy you now my curls are precious''he said and strated ticklin' me''Harryyyyyyyyy stop it!Or ur precious curls will be dead'' i said  and he stopped tickling me.''For gods saith Hazza ur crazy,GUYSS who's up for some hot cacao?''i asked them ''Meeee!'' everybody screamed''Everybody meet me in the hallway outside the rooms in 5 min'' i said and we all rushed to the rooms to change from the swimsuits.I chose to wear a white Hipsta Please t-shirt and some pale blue jeans.I put on white eyeshadow and pink lipstick and me and the girls walked out to the hallway.Everybody was waitin for us''Hot'' Harry said and put one of his hands around my waist.I forgot to mention i wore my black 'all stars'.''Stop it Hazza.And don't call me that''i said and he smirked''I thought you learned your lesson''he said.''What lesson?''Niall asked  ''Trust me Niall,you don't wanna now''i said and touched my tatto again.Well i suppose i can tell you all of my tattos.There's the green eyes on my hand.Then ''You got nothing to lose if you lose a boy''on the left side of my back.Then one under my neck''This is my life'' and my name on my right shoulder.When we had the cacao i said''Hey don't u guys have a concert tonight''Niall grabbed his head'uh-oh let's go back to the rooms and get ready.Will u guys come with us''Nah''Dani said''Noup''El said and when i opened my mouth to say that i'm not coming either Harry cut me''Amy is coming'' he said''No way Amy's bedtme is 10 o'clock.If she stays pas that mom and dad would kill me''Niall said''Niall is right.Im staying here.You are not the boss of me Harry''i said ''I thought so.U need another lesson''He said with a smirk on his face''Niall,maybe i should come,it is ur first Midnight memorise concert.I am ya sister.I wanna see you''i said''Ok ok you can come with us''Niall said.We rushed into the hotel.I put on a blue dress with a silver belt and curled my hair.I put on some blue heels and waited till 6 pm.5:30 Niall knocked on the door and opened it''Amy it's time,lets go''he said



Hi guys we have a contest!!!For parts in the storyy!Do you wanna be:Amy's bff from childhood,Niall's girlfriend or Zayn's girlfriend

All u need to do s to write a comment on the story with informations:


Age:(mus t be from 18 to 21)

Part in the story:

Hair and eye color:

Outfit style

Loves yaaa stay PERFECTOS

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