My story(Harry Styles fanfic)

He fell for her.She knew he was a player but fell for him.But there is this other boy which is a pure opposite of him,WHO WILL SHE FALL FOR?Is ist Styles or is it Horan?Or is she a Horan by blood?


4. My ''boyfiend'' and brother arguing

When i walked into the kitchen Niall was eating.''Niaaall'' i said and walked to him''siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssss''he said while eating.''No talking with a full mouth Niall!For gods saith brother''i said but i looked into his babyblues.''OK ok im not mad Ni i was just kidding''i said and hugged him.Harry walked in the room''Harry having a family  moment here'' Niall said''Niall cool down a bit and again don't talk with food in ur mouth!''i said while standing up ''When u learn to behave you're going to meet us in the living room''i said while going to the living room with Harry.''What the hell is with my brother.Jeez''i said while i sat next to Harry on the loveseat.He kissed me on my forhead''He's ur borther.He's always overprotective''Niall walked in about 5 min later and sat on the armchair across us.''Will u tell him or will i?''i asked Harry''I'l do it,Niall,me and ur sister are dating''Harry said ''What the hell!Harry i told u guys,SHE is off limits''Niall stud up and walked up to Harry.''enough!'' i said and blocked his way to Harry''Enough you two.I am not off limits or a trapped animal Niall i am a person and i have my fellings.I have feelings for u as my brother,for mum and dad as my parents and for Harry.''i said and Harry stud up behind me''And i'm ur what?''He asked hugging me ''Ur my boyfriend,and Niall wether u like it or not,i'm going on tour with u''i said''I was going to suggest that.Yaay my sister is coming on tour with us!''Niall said overexcited''And im related to him''i said ''Call the boys Niall we'l play Bottle of truth''Harrry said and when he walked out to call the boys Harry kissed me''Tommorow it's just us and the boys on tour''He said to me when he ended the kiss''I now(it was wednesday.School started on tuesday)''Niall and the boys walked in 2 min.



''Amy did u pack?''Harry asked me while us and the boys were wakling to the airport''I have 4 bags and u ask did i pack?For gods saith Hazza''i said.''We are here''Niall saidi saw a huge plane with One Direction writen on it.''Welcome to the best airplane in the world''Louis said when we walked in''Where are Dani and El?They should've bin here already''Liam said and two girls jumped out from the hideout of the table.''Harry is this ur new girlfriend?Im Elanor''One of them said''Actually,she's my sister El oh and Hazza's new girlfriend''Niall said and i comfired''He's tellin the truth''Elanor said''Wait a second,sister?!''i answered''Long story,Niall ur eating,u ate an hour ago''He smiled''Be glad that i holded on for that long''i rolled my eyes''And i'm related to him for gods saith''i said while Harry hugged me''And i'm Danielle''the other girl said and i smiled''I'm Amy''Niall gave me a nuggy ''Niall i spend three hours getting my hair to look like this,i hateeeee uuuu''i yelled at him''I love u too sister''he said.About an hour later,El,Dani and me were siting on the couch while the boys were sleeping''So Ames did u and Hary did it?''El asked me''Nothin before marriage dear,i'm still a vrigin.Harry was standing on the door of the bedrooms''No she's not''he said ''In ya dreams Styles''i said and shown him the finger''Lil miss sassy aren't ya?''he said and closed the door''In his dreams i'm not a virgin'' i hid the fact that me and Harry did it from all of em and i did the right choice,Niall would freak out if i told him and don't get me started bout the others''Well were all virgins here''El said while the full midnight memories played on the speakers to get the boys to remember the lyrics''Harry is a player so don't be jelly when he cheks out other girls''Dani said''I now he's a player the whole school is buzzing about it''i said and stud up''Well im getting tired wake me up in a hour or so gals.See ya''i said and walked to the door to the bedrooms.Like i said the gals woke me up in a hour.The boys woke up then too.Me nad the gals were eating pizza and the boys were practicing Little black dress.''Little black dress just walked into the room.Making heads turn can't stop looking at you.It's so right it's so right it's so right u now''All of them sang and then came Harry's first solo''Little black dress did you come on ya own.It's too late 2x It's too late to go home.It's so right 2x It's so right you know(that was reapeated 2 times)''Then it was Zayn''I wanna see the way you move from me baby,i wanna see the way you move from me baby,i wanna see the way you move from meeeee''and then came Louis''Little black dress who ya doin it for.Little black dress i can't take anymore.It's not right,it's not right to know''and then came my brother with his perfect voice''Little black dress what's ya favorite song.Little black dress i won't do any harm..''When they finished me and the girls gave them a little aplause''Perfect guys,Niall u were the best!''i said and Harry made and angry face''Hey!I singed most of the song''he said  and i rolled my eyes''You were the second best harry.But my brother is the best''i said and stud up to throw away the paper plates from the pizza.Harry put his hands around my waist,he bite my neck on the same place''Hey that just healed from the other day for gods saith boy''i slapped him on the hand and threw the plates in the trash can and took my acoustic guitar that i brought with me but i also brought my electric and my violin.I don't quite now how to play it but i can play it.I played my song ''Who am i?'' everybody enyoyed their time and the pilot announced''Guys were landing'' so i packed my guitar and prepared to take my suitcases.We landed and walked out of the plane,first stop was N.Y.C.There were tons of Directioners and paparazzi.The cameras were flashing there was screaming so i put on my sunglases and my mp3.''someone is a profesional with these things''Elanor said and put on her sunglasses.One paparazzi asked''1D who is the third girl with you?''and Harry answerd''Niall sister and my girlfriend,Amy Horan''The cameras were pointed at me the Directioners screamed.''I'm already exhausted''i wisperd to Dani and she said''You're Harry's girl you'l get used to it plus ur Niall's sister''.When we got into the hotel we decided that me and the girls will be in one room and the boys will split into two rooms.Our hotel room had 3 single beds.Mine was the one next to the window,Dani was the one in the middle and El got the one next to the bookshelfs.''Gals,shopping?''i asked them''Yup!'' they both said.There was a knock on our door.i opened it,Harry was standing there in a red t-shirt and trousers.''What do ya want Harry we gotta go shopping''Dani asked him

I hope u like it guys !

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