My story(Harry Styles fanfic)

He fell for her.She knew he was a player but fell for him.But there is this other boy which is a pure opposite of him,WHO WILL SHE FALL FOR?Is ist Styles or is it Horan?Or is she a Horan by blood?


2. H or N

''i love u too'' i said,i staid ther for an hour or so.''By sweetie,see ya tommorow at school''i kissed Niall on his cheek and left the house.I got to my place in 'bout 20 minutes,mum,dad and Nikky were here.''How did it go?''Nikky asked ''Can't tell ya now,in my room in 5 mins sis''i said and got up to my room.This was the Best Day Eva!I put on my pijama and heard a knock on my door.Nikky came in with an excited look on her face.We sat on my bed.''It was,amazing,perfect,magical,beautifull,i just can't explain,AND HE KISSED ME!''i said while searching for my book''Aiall romance''my sister said and i smiled''now out of my room and goodnight''i said.I'm not really going to sleep,its only 9 pm.She got out of my room,i closed the door.A text came to my phone two  minutes later while i was reading

Message from:unknown number

You might wanna not undress infront of your window,babe xx

I jumped from the bed and walked to the window.I saw Harry leaned on a black Range Rover.That boy is a real pwere shinigayer.But i gotta admitt it he does look hot right now.Amy stop it,you have Niall.Harry took of his sunglasses(i mean who wears sunglasses at 9 pm?!)and winked at me.Then he got into the car and drove away.''Ughhh,that was weird!''i said to myself and gone to bed.


I got up with the sounds of birds singing outside.I put on my hipsta please hoodie and some old t-shirt and jeans in bright pink color.I packed my schoolbooks and gone to school.I arrived there at 6:00 thre was a trafic jam so the police secured all of the streets.''I see you decided to come''i heard a voice behind me.I turned around and got myself face to face with Harry''What do you want?''i asked him.''I want this''he said and put his hands around my waist and then kissed me.''get away from me Harry''i said and pushed him away.I felt butterflies again,it can't be i already had them with Niall.Oh sh**.Why heart why?No matter.While i was thinking Harry bite my neck and left a mark.''Ouch,what the heck are you doing Harry?!''I said ''Marking that your mine'' he said  and his emerald greens shined on the sun''Im  not yours im Niall's''i said,i wasn't afraid of him anymore.I saw Mia and Emma entering the courtyard.I ran to them as Harry watched me.''Girls promise u wont tell anyone'' i said while we were walikin to the birch tree''We promise''they said''Niall KISSED ME ,andddddddd...''I looked at Harry who was doing something on his phone.''What and?????''Emma said.I showed them Harrys''mark'' on my neck''Harry kissed me and i felt butterflies and then he left his mark''i said while i sat in the shade of the birch tree.''Girl you felt butterflies for 2 guys?''Mia asked''I don't now what's happenin with me,i like Niall and i was scared of Harry but i still like him''i said.''We are talking about you,so Happy Birthday Amy!'' Mia said while she pulled a present from her bag''OMG i tottaly forgot thnx u guysss'' i said and hugged them as Harry was watching me.''open iiit''Emma said''ok ok ok''I said and opend a tiffany's ice blue colored box.In there was a infinity with BFF in the middle.''aw''

Hi guys,did u like it.WELL i hope u did <3



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