midnight memeories

A girl called Alice lives with her step dad he abuses her a lot and when she sneaks out to go to her friends to do a school project and come home later that night her step dad doesn't like it that she sneaked out and hits her and gets her on the round and kicks her, she runs out the house in the middle of the night with just her phone, she sleeps on a park bench a couple of blocks away from her house so her step dad wont find her and in the morning someone see's Alice sitting on the bench soaking wet and he goes out and asks if she is okaay but its not just anyone its every girls dream man Harry Styles...


3. Harry and Anne making Dinner<3

Harry's POV.

I didn't know what to say to her i feel so bad for her, i scared of what i might say and if it might upset her. "Awww Alice im soo sorry :(" saying it while i hugged her. i didn't want to push her and make her upset. 

My mum came down to see Alice a little quiet and asked her if she wanted to go and have a nap for a couple of hours while me and my mum made dinner i was hoping she was because she doesn't look like she could of had a good night sleep on the old scabby park bench. 

Alice went up stairs for a nap in Gemma's room.

Me and mum made some lush dinner for her, a lovely roast:)

When me and mum are in the kitchen we muck around so much we have a mini food fight and everything but this time i didn't feel in the mood after hearing what Alice has been through.

"Soo Harry Alice is cute isn't she?:)" Anne said. "Yeah shes nice mum?" i said acting like i didn't know what she was on about. 

"Tomorrow im going to take her to get some new clothes and she said that she didn't want to go because she had no money but im going to take her no matter what she says." Anne said 

Your not going to make her pay you are you mum?" i asked hoping shes gonna say noo!

"No of course im not!"

"Do you want me to give you some money mum for her and get her a lot of things like a new phone of anything i dont mind ill give her anything if she wants it?"

"Your so kind Harry but why would you do that when you have only know seen her this morning?"

"I feel bad for her mum she's been through a lot and i want her to be happy mum i would do anything for her and your right i have only known her for a day!" 


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