midnight memeories

A girl called Alice lives with her step dad he abuses her a lot and when she sneaks out to go to her friends to do a school project and come home later that night her step dad doesn't like it that she sneaked out and hits her and gets her on the round and kicks her, she runs out the house in the middle of the night with just her phone, she sleeps on a park bench a couple of blocks away from her house so her step dad wont find her and in the morning someone see's Alice sitting on the bench soaking wet and he goes out and asks if she is okaay but its not just anyone its every girls dream man Harry Styles...


6. Day alone with Harry!

Alice's POV

I woke up the next morning to another knock on the door "Hello come in?" it was Anne she came right in and sat on the bed and said "I'm going out for the whole day so you and Harry are going to be alone is that okaay" she said with a smile on her face "Urm yeah sure?" i was like yeaah in side a whole day with someone i'm getting feelings for great! She walked off with a smile on her face. i quickly got up and dressed before i got another visitor in my room Harry!!

I went down stairs and Harry and his mum was sitting there talking quietly to each other and when i entered the kitchen they stopped and smiled at each other i knew something was going on. But i didn't say anything. 

Next minute Anne got up and said "Right i'm going out for the day i wont be home until late tomorrow morning so don't stay up for me:)" and winked at Harry?

I was getting confused but i still didn't say anything at least until Anne had left me and Harry both gave her a hug and she was gone!

"What should we do today then Alice?" Harry says

"Urm i don't really mind?" Because i didn't actually know what i wanted to do?

"Wanna go and make some dinner i make sick sandwiches?" Harry says

"Sure and i bet you do ha ha." i said being cheeky

We went into the kitchen and he started to make his sick sandwiches but to be honest they didn't look that nice.

"Do you want one of my lovely sandwiches?" Harry asked me

"Urm no your fine thanks ill make my own one:)" i said 

"okay but i think your missing out cos my sandwiches are the best!"

"Okay i'm not sure i am baby!" being sarcastic! 

he laughed at me i got the chocolate spread out and said "This is what i like!" and walked up to him and put a bit of chocolate spread on the tip of his nose and ran away as soon as i could!!

"OI get back here!" he shouted and pulled my leg and pulled me back to him 

he walked of and kept me in the Conner of the kitchen and i couldn't move and the next thing he can flour i knew what he was going to do and i tried to run away but no he wouldn't let me move! he tipped the hole flour pot all over me i screamed and pushed him to the ground and laid on top of him and got the jar of chocolate spread and tipped it over him i laughed so much and picked me up and pushed me onto the sofa and laid on top of me and wiped a bit of chocolate spread off my face and it was all silent i just stared into his beautiful green eyes and we sat like it for like 2 mins no one spoke and next thing he jumped up and held his hand out and i grabbed it. 

"Better go and get cleaned up:)" He said 

"Yeah i would say so!" i laughed 

we went up stairs and got cleaned up next minute he picked me up and took me down stairs. "Get off me Harry!!!" i screamed 

"No hehee :)" he said 

when we finally got downstairs he put me on the coach and said "Wanna watch a film?"

"Yeah sure what u wanna watch?" i said 

"Love actually?"

"Yes i love that film!!"

"Same best film ever!!!

he put the DVD in and put some popcorn in the microwave and didn't start the film until he was in and comfy even tho hes seen it so many times!

He sat right next to me with a bowl of popcorn and put his hand round me i was a bit confused but i enjoyed it. 

when the film was almost finished i was almost asleep he nudged me "Am i keeping you awake?" "No of course ur not" i smiled

it all went quiet and then Harry ruined it by shouting "THATS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!" 

"What was that for?" i asked?

"Urm random i guess but its true that you are beautiful Alice and i bet that you didn't think you was!"

It went all quiet again i stared into his eyes and leaned forward and next thing i knew we was kissing!


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