A Love I'd Kill For

I’d never seen anyone like this before, I’d never felt my heart run at such an alarming pace I never imagined the day I’d lay eyes on the person I so badly wanted to kill.
“Harry, come on lad we have things to do” called Liam from across the street.


2. First Date

7pm was approaching and fast, my stomach started turning at the thought of what I was planning I could feel nausea kicking in imagining what I want to do to this girl, this innocent beautiful girl, I never understood what went on in a murderers head and if they were anything like me then I guess they still don’t understand what is going on in their minds, it’s a disgusting feeling, I began walking down the street heading to the street I told this girl I’d meet her I took a left turn down onto a very well lit street great lets hope no one is down here that might recognize me I thought to myself, but how could there not be.


“Omg it’s Harry Styles” I heard two girls shout as they ran towards me.

Just as they reached me I felt a hand grab mine but before I could see who it was they yanked me away from the screaming girls as I was dragged along behind this person, I recognized her statue, it was her. Kia-Anna.


“Kia-Anna?” I asked still running behind her.

“Yes, but just call me Kia, and keep up will you or no doubt the news will spread that you are here and there wont be just two girls, your fans seem to know how to multiple rapidly” she stated as I began to change her direction and taking control of where we were going by pulling her down into the unlit walk way heading down towards the beach.


“Where are we going?” she questions, but I couldn’t answer I had no idea, I just new subconsciously this walk way was a dark dead end so I ignored her question I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go down here for the right or wrong reasons right reason being to get away from some fans that might ruin this “Date” so to speak or for the wrong reasons, to take her down a dark path that only leads to me killing this girl, she pulled at my arm before we could reach the end.


“Harry, I think we lost them” she announced turning away and walking away from me.

“Oh. Right. Good, yeah good sweet” I replied catching up to her.

“So where’re we going?”

“Oh. Err, do you like Indian food?” I asked

“Yeah, I guess”

“How about the cinnamon kitchen it’s just up here” she nodded at me.


Upon reaching the cinnamon kitchen she came to a pause at the entrance.

“Is everything ok? It’s not going to kill you to come inside” oh my god poor choice of words Harry because it just might kill her.

“Oh I know, it’s just I’ve always walked past this place wanting to come inside and now this is it, I just have high expectations for this place and I hope it’s as good as I’ve wanted it to be” I laughed a little at her response and pulled her inside with me.


The waitress showed us to our seats upon entering we began browsing the menus.

“Why did you decided to talk to me out of everyone I was with today?”

Shit how do I answer this, every time she speaks to me I begin to feel guilty for the thoughts I’m having of her.

“Because you were the only person with your friends that stood out to me” I said smiling.

“But you’re Harry Styles, why would you want anything to do with a girl like me”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean as in I’m just an every day normal person I’m not the sort of person you’d usually see out with someone like you, as in someone with such a huge celebrity status”

“I’m nothing special Kai, I’m just like every other 19 year old”

Except I have an awkward urge to fucking kill you because you know that is usual for fucking 19 year olds. I need to stop thinking about this, I want to know this girl and I can’t want to kill her.

We had a really nice conversation at dinner and I really enjoyed her company.

“I hope I didn’t bore you in there” I stated as I held the door open for Kai.

“No not at all Harry, I really enjoyed myself tonight with you, even running and escaping your fans” she chuckled.

“Do you mind if I walked you home?” I asked locking her fingers in with mine.

“I’d love that to be honest” she replied leaning her head into me.

We walked the whole way in almost silence before reaching her front door.


“Well this is me” she quietly announced.

I stood there outside her house not sure what to do now, do I kiss her shake her hand walk away without a word being said what do I do.


“Where’s your phone?” I asked she looked at me puzzled pulling out her phone.

I took it from her hands and coded my number in, then sending myself a message from her phone.

“Done” I said smiling, she smiled back I didn’t know what else to say but I knew I wanted to kiss her, so I had to ask, I wanted to feel her lips on mine.

“Kai, do you mind if I kiss you” I asked, she smiled and nodded at me.


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