Midnight Dawson has always been different. Just what she doesn't know is how different she really is.


1. How it all started

"What exactly do you want me to do?"
The man steps out of the shadows. His face is masked by the hood of his jacket, but you can just make out from the light of the moon shining into the alleyway, a scar going from his temple all the way down past his eye to his cheek.
"I thought I had made myself perfectly clear." The other man says "I want to to dispose of a little something for me."
"And the money?"
"After. I want to be sure you do this. And properly."
The man brings out a little package, pauses, but then hands it to the scarred man. He takes it and looks down. His face falls into frown.
"A baby? But-"
"Do you want the money or not?" The man interrupts, taking out a thick wad of notes out of his pocket and holding them up to the light.
The scarred man looks at the notes and slowly nods. Then he turns and walks out of the alley.

The scarred man hold the package just over the edge of the bridge and closes his eyes, ready to drop it when he hears a little giggle from the package  he is holding. He looks down and sees the baby smiling up at him. He sighs and takes the child from the edge of the bridge. He knows he won't drop it.  He clutches the baby to his chest and runs away. 

"It has been done." The scarred man looks at the man in the eye "Now the money."
"Yes..." The man takes out the wad of notes. "But....how was it done?"
"I dropped her off of the Kingston bridge. There were no witnesses."
"Good." The man hands him the notes. The scarred man turns, and leaves. As he walks away he smiles to himself.
The child lives.

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