Midnight Dawson has always been different. Just what she doesn't know is how different she really is.


3. Blaire

I look down at the envelope in my hands.
"Hey! What's this? A love note?" I let her grab it from my hands. "Ahhh... Blaire." She says and hands it back to me.
"Yep. As I'm in her first lesson, he wanted me to give it to her." She pats me on the back.
"Don't worry Mid, there are plenty more fish in the sea right?"
"Yeah but I'm no good at fishing.... besides you have Joshua..." She gives a little laugh.
"Yeah, but he's MY Prince Charming. We all have different types of boy we like. All we need to do is find YOUR type."
"And that's gonna be REALLY easy." I say sarcastically. She just laughs.
"No, but we can work on it. Now, we just need to get to class." The bell rings.
"How DO you do that? Do you have some kind of sixth sense?"
"No, but I do have good enough eyesight to see that clock." She points to the clock in the classroom that we are standing next to. I squint to try to see it. "You know I can't see that faraway without my glasses."
"Well where are they then?"
"One of the kids trod on them again...."
"Of course." She sighs. "What is this? The fourth time something has happened to your glasses?"
"My point is proven. Now come on, get your ass to class. NOW." She does her 'Scary Face' that always makes me laugh.
"Oh I'm sooo scared!"
"You should be. You have to give that letter to Blaire." I sober up immediately.
"Right." Blaire. Blond hair, impossibly skinny,and of course very beautiful. And for some reason, she hates my guts. It may have something to do with my IQ levels being so much higher than hers... and so she finds every opportunity to embarrass me in front of everyone.
"Hello? Earth to Midnight, Earth to Midnight. We're here!" I look up. We're right outside the classroom.

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