Midnight Dawson has always been different. Just what she doesn't know is how different she really is.


2. Alarm

I eventually finish getting dressed and make my way downstairs. I pass about 15 kids just randomly playing in the corridor and hop my way round all the toy cars and bricks that litter the halls. Then I go down all 10 flights of stairs to reach the dining room. There are around 38 kids living here, at Willow Towers. Some of them have been here since they were babies, like me. But some older ones come and go as time goes by. When I make it to the dining room, there are already lots of kids there so i just grab two slices of toast and go out again. I tie my hair back with a scrunchie that matches my uniform and check for any loose strands in the mirror. I pull a face. I have mousey brown hair with side bangs, and I have ghostly pale skin that goes red so easily, My face sometimes resembles a tomato. The strangest thing about me though, must be my eyes. Normal people have blue, green or brown eyes. But no. I have purple. Yep, PURPLE. There couldn't be just one thing normal about me could there? 

I look up. I always look  down when I'm walking. Somehow I know where I'm going. My school gates loom right in front of me. I pull out my headphones and put my little MP3 in my pocket along with them. I take a deep breath and walk in. After about 5 seconds, I feel hands go over my eyes. "Guess who!"  I hear a slightly accented voice from behind me. Its definitely my best friend, Stella. 
"Hey Sally!" I say.  "Can you let me see again now?" The hands come away from my eyes. 
"Aww... no fair, how did you know it was me?"
"Please, being your best friend, I know you inside and out." I give her a big hug. 
"Yeah whatever. Have you seen Joshua?" Joshua is Stella's boyfriend. I roll my eyes.
"Does it really matter?"
"Hey! Of course it does!"
"Nope. Haven't seen him. He's probably not even in yet. It is quite early you know...."
"True.... Hey! Prince Charming at 2:00! See ya later then!" She walks off, just looking back to give me an evil smile. 
"Err... Hi Midnight..." I hear his voice behind me. I curse Stella in my mind, swearing to myself that I will SO kill her later for leaving me.
"Hi Julian!" I am impressed that my voice didn't give out. My crush, Julian, Is right behind me. I turn around an find myself staring straight into his bright green eyes.
"Oh sorry!" He gives a chuckle and steps back. I give a little laugh too and shrug my shoulders. "So, where did Stella go?" he asks
"Oh, to try to find Joshua probably..." I mentally pat myself on the back. A lie that actually makes sense finally.... He rakes his hand through his brown hair. 
"As usual." He replies with a smile. He then sticks his hand into his pocket. The picture of casual. He could easily be a model one day. I haven't got a chance.
"Yep." I realise that this conversation is edging towards being really awkward and I'm just about to make some kind of excuse to go when he says
"Errm... Midnight." I look straight at him "You know the dance on Thursday...." 
"Yeah..." I say. Of course I do. Wait. Is he.....
"Well I wanted to know if you could give this to Blaire?" He hands me an envelope. Of course. Blaire. 
"Sure!" I smile at him, hoping I look as happy as I'm trying to look. But inside, I'm dying.
"Thanks! I would do it myself but you're in her first class so...."
"Of course, I'll give it to her as soon as I can." He gives me a big hug.
"Great. Well, got to go bye!" He walks off, leaving me standing holding the envelope and staring after him. I hear footsteps behind me.
"Well?" Stella. 
"What the hell? What did you leave for?" I scowl at her.

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