To the Future

When Draco Malfoy shoots a curse at Ginny Weasley, a mispronunciation causes a different effect than he intended. Can she get back to her friends in time for the Yule ball or will she be forced to live in the future forever?


2. The Curse

The next day Malfoy passed Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny in the corridor. He took his chance and said "Incentio," while pointing his wand at the bunch of students, when suddenly Ginny fell to the floor! Harry ran right up to Draco and started screaming in his face. "What have you done to her?!" he shouted, infuriated. Almost out of nowhere professor Snape appeared and asked Draco what spell he had used. "Incentio," Malfoy replied, looking baffled, "And I didn't mean for it to have that effect."

"You stupid boy!" spat Snape "It's Incendio, not Incentio, YOU JUST USED A SPELL THAT DOSENT EXIST!"

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