To the Future

When Draco Malfoy shoots a curse at Ginny Weasley, a mispronunciation causes a different effect than he intended. Can she get back to her friends in time for the Yule ball or will she be forced to live in the future forever?


14. telling my children

Since Lily, Albus and James had found out about the secret we had become closer than ever. They would let no one touch me or hurt me. They cared about me more than anyone else. Even scorpius. He was way better than Draco Malfoy (aka; the foul loathsome evil little cockroach) the one who sent me here. The next class we had was charms. I was top of the class. After charms it was dinner where I met Rose And Hugo. I wondered how they would react to me being their aunt. I decided I would tell them soon but I wasn't sure when I would tell them.

The next day was the week before Christmas, a week before the Yule ball. I wondered how I was going to get back in time. I was going to the ball with Neville. I started to hear move not about the dorms. I looked up and saw Lily getting ready for the day. But it was a Saturday. Then I remembered it was the hogsmede trip to day. I was allowed to go on the trip because i had the permission form signed allthough there were no hogsmede trips allowed the year of the triwzard tournament. I decided that I would tell Rose today.

When we arrived in hogsmede I took them to the Shrieking Shack to tell Rose since Hugo couldn't  come . When I told them i they were shocked but then they warmed up to me. After it had sunk in we started a snowball fight. I was with Rose and James was alone. We won of course but it was quite close. Then it was time to head back to the castle.

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