To the Future

When Draco Malfoy shoots a curse at Ginny Weasley, a mispronunciation causes a different effect than he intended. Can she get back to her friends in time for the Yule ball or will she be forced to live in the future forever?


15. looking for some way to get out of here

After classes I looked through as many of the books that professor mcgonagall had supplied me as I could. I found books on everything from changing your hair colour to making sure you brewed draught of living death right but nothing on going forward in time , I was surprisingly worn out and decide I would do straight to bed But would get up early and search more in the morning before breakfast.


A/N sorry I haven't updated in ages , I feel so bad coming on here , looking at the comments and finding all these lovely comments saying things like " it's ok , we understand , you can't update every day ". And things like that , I have been really busy but I've been coming on every week to see if the winner of the competition has uploaded there chapter but they still haven't . This made me not update because I was waiting for them to do that befor I updated because I wanted everything to fit in . But she deleated herself so that's ok now so I will be updating every week hopefully now!!!

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