To the Future

When Draco Malfoy shoots a curse at Ginny Weasley, a mispronunciation causes a different effect than he intended. Can she get back to her friends in time for the Yule ball or will she be forced to live in the future forever?


3. Arriving. (mockingjaypotter )


        Ginny's  P.O.V:

When I woke up people were shaking me and a girl that looked a lot like Hermione but with Ron's bright red hair just kept staring at me, it was really creepy (I later found out that she was called Rose). Soon professor McGonagall arrived and asked me to go with her to her office, but we were heading in the direction of the headmasters office. "Why are we going to Dumbledore's office?" I questioned professor McGonagall

"Because I am headmistress." she replied.


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