What Happened In A Year!

This girl called Arianna was dating Louis Tomlinson, but little did she what Louis Tomlinson had been up too!!

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This is my First Movellas written by myself so sorry for any mistakes!


14. Chapter14!-Christmas Confessions.

It was Christmas day and all the family has been Fawsley Hall Hotel. We always book out a hall and book out 7/8 rooms for all the family to sleep in the night before.

We were all walking down to the hall to open the presents and I got a text. It was Louis.

'Hi Arianna! The time is here. I am away to tell my parents now! Let me know when you are? I will text you back after I have told them!'

I started to get butterfly's in my tummy. Suddenly I felt really sick and ran to the bathroom. My father asked where I was going and I told him I just needed the loo. I was sick! I the wit was the morning sickness. I was coming up for 3months. I had been told I was definitely pregnant.

They all waited for me before we went in,

'Are we ready now?" He said.

Princess, Freya and Junior screamed 'YESS'

My father opened the door. They ran over to there presents we were all opening them. Whole I was watching Freya open on of hers I got a text. It was Louis again.

"Arianna, the are all excited now!! They are all wanting to see you. When do you get back to your house?"

"Louis I don't get back till the 27th, I haven't told them yet! I am just waiting till the are all open they I will say something!!"

"Ok, would you coming up on the 27th, all the family will still be here and they want to see you!"

"Ok well I have to wait and see what happens when I tell them!"

We had all opened out presents and now it was time for me to tell. I texted Louis!

"Here's Goes Nothing!"

"Everyone" they all started looking at me. I began to get butterfly's again. "I need to tell you all something, the other day I found out that I was....pregnant!"

The all started coming up to me and giving me a big hug. They were all asking questions about 'Who's The Father?' But they all knew who it was. My father then shouted " A new baby is on way now!!". "I wasn't due till the end of June I told them" they were still all excited

I texted Louis back saying "All went well, they are all happy for us! Have a nice christmas x" then I turned my opine off for the rest of the day.

That night the whole family just played games and eat! My mother came over to me and said 'if you love Louis, go for him, but if he brings you down again leave, for good!!'. She then hugged me and to went back over to Sylvain. All my family were happy for me and that was the best feeling ever!

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