What Happened In A Year!

This girl called Arianna was dating Louis Tomlinson, but little did she what Louis Tomlinson had been up too!!

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This is my First Movellas written by myself so sorry for any mistakes!


13. Chapter13!- Christmas Presents to Louis.

It was Christmas in a 3 days and I had delivered all my presents that needed to be delivered except one. It was Louis presents. I decide I may as well give then too him as I had nobody else to give them to. 

I texted his say

"Hi Louis, when is a good time to come down with you Christmas Present?"

He texted back saying

"Hey Arianna, anytime today fine, I need to give you your presents anyway."

Then I texted him saying

"Ok, be down around half 3."

The went to put all the present in the boot of my White Range Rover and then texted my father asking if I could stay at his tonight instead of driving all the way back in the dark. He said that was fine.

It was half 1 so I decide I better leave. I had a 2 hours drive down to Brentwood to his house. While I was on the road I saw a One Direction sticker thing for your car and I burst out laughing. I just couldn't believe people do that.

I got to his at half 3 and knocked on the door.


"Hey Arianna, come in!"

"Here are your Christmas presents. I didn't know if I should have gave you them but anyway here they are".

"Thank you. Let me just go up stairs to get my presents. Have a seat!"

I sat down while he went up the stairs to get them. I looked around the living room to the tree. The I saw it. I was out heart tree decoration with our names on it in. I wondered why he put it up. I heard him coming to I sat back down.

"Here you go,"

"Thank you! Hey why did you put the heart decoration with our names on it on the tree?"

"I still love you and no matter what has happened I still love it and I will always put it on, you want a cuppa?"

"Yeah please, thanks"

While walking through to the kitchen I saw some of the photos still up.

"You keeping the photos up still too?"

"Yeah I am, I love them!"

As I was waiting on the cuppa I started to feeling really sick. 

"Louis can I use the bathroom, I going be sick?" I said then started running.

"Arianna" he ran after me.

He was rubbing my back as I was sick. I didn't know why I was feeling so sick. I had been sick recently in the mornings and then I knew.

"Arianna you ok, whats up?"

"Louis, I think I know what's up" then I realised that I hadn't had my period either. 


"I think that I am pregnant?" 

"OMG, Arianna sit down. I am going to run to the shops and grab some test for you!"

He ran as fast as he could out and he was quick as he was back within 10minutes.

He gave me the test and I went to the bathroom. While I was waiting on the results I was thinking how I would tell everyone. The three minutes was up and inlet Louis in to see them.

"Ready" he said.

I nodded. He turned them over and stared at them.

"I'm Pregnant!" I said. I was happy but i knew that Louis might not be. I looked at him.

"I'm going to be a Dad!" He said then asked my "what are we going to do?" 

"We know that I need to go to the doctors and I need to tell my mother and father, and your parents!"

"What about us? We are not together?"

"Wait, are saying just because we are not together..." I said then he butting in while I was speaking and said

"No you know what I mean, custody?" He thought about it for a minute. "You have custody Arianna!"

"Are you sure?" I said.

"Yeah" he said. 

I asked to use his phone to call them up to get an appointment. I could get an appointment in 20minutes so I left right away. Louis came with me. when we got there my name was just getting called out. We went in and she starting asking questions. Then we finally go to the scan. I was defiantly pregnant. I was just under 3 months. We got a photo each of it. When Louis saw a picture if it his face lot up. 

When we got outside I said to him. You can tell people if you want but I am not telling anyone till Christmas Day. He said he going to do the same. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and then left. On my way to my fathers I just couldn't believe that I was pregnant, I just couldn't!!


A/N- thanks for everyone who is reading it. I hope you like it just now. Leave comments please? 




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