What Happened In A Year!

This girl called Arianna was dating Louis Tomlinson, but little did she what Louis Tomlinson had been up too!!

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This is my First Movellas written by myself so sorry for any mistakes!


10. Chapter10!-Going To The House.

It been a few week since I left Australia and the last time I saw Louis. I decided to go to the house we shared to packed up my things. While I was there Louis mum came. She must of saw my car and shouted up

"Arianna, are you here?" 

"Yes I am Johannah" I shouted down. 

She started coming up the stairs. I was almost done so I wasn't going to be long. She came in and said

"Hey Hun, you ok?"

"Not really to be honest" I said."Just struggling" and I started crying "I miss him, I miss Louis but I would never take him back after what he did. Did you her that Eleanor was in Australia. I just can do it anymore" I was crying full force .and she came down and hugged me. 

"He is and idiot, he should have never cheated on you" she said.

I didn't say anything back.

I just had to put my shoes into a box and then I was down. The removal men where here to take my stuff. They started putting the boxes onto the truck. They were taking them to my new house in Brackley. Johann ah kept asking me to stay for a cuppa but I had to go to be there for the removal men. I gave her a hug, left my keys on the kitchen table and then left.

I had about a 2 hour drive to my new house from Brentwood where we shared the house. While I was driving I relished it was the 3rd of November and the boys will be on there way home. I knew that Louis will want to have a chat when he gets back. 

When I got to my new house, My Mother and Father were there and so were the removal men. We stayed to unload the truck and then when all the boxes where unloaded, I paid the men and then got into the house and shut the down and then shouted " I'm Home!"

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