Concert with my best friend - a One Direction fan fiction


2. concert tickets or luck

In going to an event where I can win tickets to a One Direction concert. My friend is going crazy. She freaks out every time she sees something with 1D. I laugh at her. She is so sweet when she do that. I walk in to a room down the long hall with a lot of tables. I sit in the back of room with her. There are two bodyguards talking to us. They say we need to follow them. We do as they say. I take my things with me. We come to a little room with so much close, make up artists and stylists. I sit on a couch in the side of the room. My friend sit next to me. Then Niall comes in the door. "Hey girls are you ready for the show?" He asks. "Yes we are. " my friend says for both of us. I smile to him. He sit next to me "what is your name sweetie?" "My name is Y/n ... Y/n Y/l/n" "beautiful name to a beautiful girl" he says. I blush. I look down to hide my blush. He lift up my head gently with his hand and say "you are cute when you blush" I smile. He kiss me on my check. Now Liam, Zayn, Louis and Harry walks in the room. "Hey guys" they say. "Hey guys" I say to them. They smile and go to the dressing. They get dressed. "Niall can I say give it up for One Direction tonight?" I ask Niall. " yes you can sweetie. But we need to give you some merchandise before you go on stage" he says. I smile, he takes my hand and we walk to the merchandise shop. He give me two bracelets, a shirt with the cover of Midnight Memories on and a cap with their logo on. We walk back to the dressing "thank you so much Niall" I say. "Your welcome babe" he says. I smile. We walk in the dressing room. I get changed. The same do the boys. " do I look well " I ask my friend. She smile big "you look ama..." She gets interrupted by Niall "take this on" it's his jacket. I take it on " thank you. Do I look well now?" Everyone smile and says "you look amazing!" "Thank you. Can I get a picture with you?" I ask all of them. "A group picture and a couple picture?" Zayn asks. I smile "yes please". The first picture am I alone with the boys, the second picture am I together my friend and the boys. Then we get couple pictures. When Niall and I are getting shored the first picture we get is a smile picture. The second picture is a kiss on check picture where he kiss my check. The third picture is where I kiss him on the check but he turn his heard when the picture is taken and kiss me on my lips. He smile though the kiss. I smile too. Everyone around us and "arww"ing around us. We hug after the kiss " you are a good kisser " he whispers in my ear. " you are not bad yourself" I whisper back. He smile and kiss my check. A stage man get in the room "5 minutes to go". We all walk to the stage and stand back stage. My friend record me when I walk on stage and introduce them.

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