Together Forever (Sequel to You and I)

"Will we be together forever?" I asked worried.
"Of course we will!" He said then kissed me.


1. Got along well

Louis and Taylor are still not together but Rebecca and Chandler became really close to Taylor.Louis is still dating Rebecca.Louis and Taylor have never talked since the day Taylor came in his room.



Today was Sunday,me and Chandler were pretty close.Like in a friend way.I told him i didn't want to be with him in that kinda way, so we are just friends.Me and Rebecca were gonna meet for shopping.Thats what me and Kayla used to do.I still keep in touch with her on Skype. One day she Skyped me out of the bloom.I feel close to her again so that's good. Unfortunately, Lisa became one of those mean girls. But like in rebel way. Kayla told me Lisa bullies her. It's terrible. I mean I wish I could be there,I feel so sorry. Rebecca came upstairs where our room was. I kinda liked living in a school. It was pretty cool. We headed outdoors with our scarfs and jumpers. First we headed to Mac for some winter color lipsticks. I got one dark purple berry. The girl who worked there said it matches me perfectly. Rebex (Rebecca)wasn't that much of a fan of lipstick so we moved to clothing, My fav. First stop, Top shop. Rebex was literally obsessed with Top shop. She loved everything. Next stop,Forever 21. Now I was obsessed. Their dresses are perfect. I got a eyelash curler and a few crop tops. Rebex got some make up brushes and more makeup stuff. Then we took a cap and went to Cotton On. Me and Rebex were dancing when we got in just because of their music. We got matching beanies to keep our heads warm. It had Pink and grey stripes. After, I got a poka dot skater skirt. We finally went back and invited the boys (Chandler and Louis) to Hang out in the park near by,even though our feet were exhausted.

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