The Love of FourTris

This story is about the original love between Tobias Eaton (Four) and Beatrice Prior (Tris) during the horrible new world that is now their home.


2. Before Training

Today's the day that I have to train my initiates about being a true Dauntless. How not to be a coward. Eric explained to me that they have to know how to kill, shoot, stab, attack, shank, kill, do whatever it takes to keep alive. If you ask me I'm really supposed to keep them from having feelings. Every faction has a one quality that they all have in common. The thing that makes them a faction. People fear us most out of the five factions. Erudite has the brains. Amity keeps the peace. Candor honors the truth. Abnegation is selfless. Dauntless does the action. Other Factions think we don't have hearts. We are just military robots. In one way they are right. I'm supposed to train people to be like that. Only these initiates might be different. What if I can be the trainer that can change the way the future Dauntless think and act? I want to be all of the factions qualities. I don't want to be a ruthless soldier. I want to be something more. Maybe it's just my divergent brain thinking. But what if there is something more to being Dauntless? Can I help Dauntless not be so evil?

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