Summer Love

Emma Horan is the famous Niall Horan's sister.But what happens when she moves in with him and the band for the summer.Love?,Heartbreak?,What could could happen is unpredictable.


5. Miguel's coming


The guys were kinda silent after I told them I had a boyfriend yesterday.His name was Miguel but I called him Miggy.He was the sweetest boyfriend a girl could have.But I couldn't help but feel something towards Zayn after that day I watched movies in his room and slept over.Im not sure of only thing yet but I am sure that I love Miguel.

I got up from bed and my phone started ringing.Caller ID said it was Miguel.So I answered it.M=Miguel E=Emma.

E-"Hey babe wats up"

M-"nothing just wanted to give u some news"

E-"Cool wat is it"

M-"I'm coming to visit u at your brothers house!"

E-"Oh my god !REALLY!?Babe that's great!"

M-"Don't get to exited it's just for a day,I just wanted to spend some time with my girl"

E-"Aww that's so sweet!Well I gotta go,Love u"

M-"I love u too"

Wow,Wat was I gonna tell the guy.I can't just go up to them and be like"Hey guys my boyfriends coming over for a day" they went into complete silence when i told them I had a boyfriend.Maybe I don't have to tell them.Just pretend that It was a surprise that he's coming.Well that is for the other guys.I kinda HAVE to tell Niall

"Knock know,Can I come in Em?"Niall said causing me to turn around."Yea sure,Wats up"I said as he sat down on my bed

"Well I wanted to know something,Since when do u have a boyfriend???"He said confused."well me and Miguel have been dating for about 6 months"I responded sitting up.

"Ohhh"Niall said now not as confused as he was before."Well I gotta tell u something,actually it's 2 things.1 Miguel is coming to visit tomorrow but just for the day.2nd is that,Wellllll I kinda might have a little teniweni crush on Zayn and I don't know,I just don't want them to do meet"I said trying to said the Zayn part as fast as I could.

"Wow well they're gonna have to meet u know,Zayn kinda does live here.But don't worry sis wats the worst that could happen?"Niall said shocked at first but them kinda made a point.

What's the worst that could happen.They become friends?

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