Harry has kept one of his 18 year old sister,Tia,a secret to everyone.not because he hates her,just because she can't handle fame.or so he thinks.what happens when Liam finds out about her?will hearts get broken or bones?
"I've only seen you in pictures..."Liam looked me in the eyes.
"But your way more beautiful in person."


10. framed

Liam's P.O.V

The cops came around to the backyard and pointed there guns at us."w-what's going on???"I ask."it's ok sir,just put your hands up and back away from the girl."he pointed at Tia."m-me???""yes mam."

"Your under arrest."

"What?!?"we three said in union.they put the handcuffs on Tia."officers there has to be some mistake!"I said.the gave me a solid look."she's commited a crime."poor Tia looked so confused."what did I do??""don't play stupid with us.""officers she's been with is the whole time!"Perrie exclaimed."this young lady says that she stole something of high value from her.""oh yes officer!"said an unknown voice.they came around the house."it was my grandfathers gold watch."I've never been more angry."SOPHIA?!?"she smiled."hey Lilipoo.now,frisk her!"she said.the cops went to her pockets and pulled everything out of them.seemed pretty normal.icebreakers,phone,headphones....


Tia was clueless.so was I."officer you have to believe me!!!"she begged."i didn't take this!!!"the pushed her in the car."tell it to the judge."I ran to the car and banged on the window."Tia I'll get you out of there I promise!!"she couldn't say anything she was so shocked.the cops drove away and Sophia walked up to me."told you,Lilipoo."I gritted by teeth and clutched my face."if I wasn't a guy,I would beat the crap out of you!!!""there's no rule saying I can't!!!!"Perrie screamed and jumped on Sophia.woah.Perrie can fight really good.after she was done,Sophia had a couple bruises on her face and her lip was bleeding,but Perrie wasn't hurt at all!i high fived Perrie."nice job."then we hopped in my car and drove to the police station.

*car ride 🚗*

We explained to the police what happened and how she was framed,but they didn't listen.she has to go to court and unless she has a good lawyer,she's screwed.how was Sophia one step ahead?i guess it's time to call someone who at least tried law school.i dialed the number.

"Hey,Louis?you went to law school right?"

"For three days yea.why?"

"Tia's kinda in jail and she needs a lawyer."

"Ok I'm not gonna ask.im coming down there."

I pray that he at least knows something about the law.

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