Harry has kept one of his 18 year old sister,Tia,a secret to everyone.not because he hates her,just because she can't handle fame.or so he thinks.what happens when Liam finds out about her?will hearts get broken or bones?
"I've only seen you in pictures..."Liam looked me in the eyes.
"But your way more beautiful in person."


5. date night

Liam's P.O.V

I threw on a blue shirt,just like she likes,and some jeans and converse.i called Niall up,I don't think he's to far."hey Li!whats up?""I've got a date tonight and I'd appreciate it if you'd come and be my right hand man,if your still near.""oh yea I'm still down here at Dons Eatery.wheres the date?"Niall hangs out at his friends eatery all the time."Red Ravens dance club.""time?""seven.""if course I'll come bud!"he hung up and I texted the number Perrie gave me

L:hey you ready?

T:yea,we're gonna head out in a couple minutes

It was like 6:45 so I went ahead and grabbed my keys and hopped in the car,with the biggest smile on my face.

Tia's P.O.V

Instead of blue I wore a yellow tank top with a yellow beanie with some white skinny jeans.i stuck my phone in my purse and walked down the steps when Harry popped out of no where infront of me."where are you going???"I hesitated a little bit."um...duh,with Perrie.""does mum know?""pfft,of course she knows."Harry didn't believe me and hollered for mum.she rushed in."did you know that Tia was going to Perrie's?"she rolled her eyes."Harry,I'm going to tell you what I tell you every time,yes."Harry kissed my forehead."be careful."he said and walked away.mum whispered in my ear."have fun with Liam."I ran outside and hopped in the back of Perrie's car because she was with some dude."Tia,this is Zayn,my fiancée."she said pecking him on the cheek."OOOOOOH ZAAAAAYN!"I bursted.he laughed and smiled."sorry,it's just your in that band too aren't you.""yea.i am pleased to meet you Tia."he said and started the car.


We walked into the club and Zayn an Perrie led me to the VIP section.there was a lot of people there.i guess they were celebs.we soon found Liam laughing and chatting with a blonde guy.when Liam saw me his face lit up."hey!"he said,giving me a hug."welcome to Red Raven."the blonde one walked up to me."you picked a good one,Li."he said winking.i blushed and Liam elbowed him."excuse the Irish idiot.thats Niall."I smiled.a amazingly catchy song came on the speakers.i started to hum.when I snapped back into reality Liam,Niall and Zayn were smiling at me."what?"I ask,a little creeped out."nothing."said Liam."wanna dance?"I blushed."I can't dance...""neither can I,but who says we can't try?"he dragged me out to the dance floor and put his hands around my waist.i put mine around his neck."I've never danced with a guy before."I said.Liam's eyes widened."really?!?and you dance this good?""I watch T.V."I said and laughed.i realized the song kept saying something about little things,but I was so caught up in Liam's eyes to notice.

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