Highschool love

You think my heart would learn it's lesson.


3. The dream

What .. What time is it ? Were am I ?

It was dark.. Very dark. Suddenly it was getting brighter. I was sitting in class. I knew were I was. I was in my 9th grade science room again. This guy was next to me. He looks so familiar. Everything seemed familiar. I have this weird feeling. It feels ... Good. Like. Like I was happy again. I turn to see the boy sitting next to me

"Hi , I'm Ryan" he said smiling.

"I'm Elissa". I sweetly said back

Flashbacks are coming back. I saw Ryan & I in class. Then it went dark. I saw Ryan cuddling me on my couch. It went dark again. Next I saw Ryan ordering me a milkshake at the espresso stand. I herd him saw he loved me. I said it back. It was dark again. It went dark once more. I saw Ryan .. Kissing another girl. I saw me running and him chasing me. I fell over. He tried helping me but I got back up and ran home. It was all dark again..


Hey guys ! How is it coming together so far ? Do you want me to keep updating ?

Comment below (:

xoxo -A

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