Harry's little sister.

Dani is Harry's little sister he loves her with all of his heart but comes off as a jerk some times. Dani is eleven and she plays softball and does dance.


4. leaving

Dani's POV (there still in the pool.)

I got out of the pool and was about to do another trick when Harry shouted. "Dani. If you do a back tuck into the pool I'll give you £100." I sighed and I did it. " where's my money big styles." I asked harry. "Right here little styles." Harry said. Then he got a phone call. " ok well get ready. "Harry said in the phone. "Guys we have to go in a few hours."Harry told us. I got out and I walked in side and slipped on the wooden floor and I fell on my wrist and it hurt like hell. "HARRY. " I scream in pain as he came in. He picked me up off the floor and he carried me to his car even though we were still in our swim suits on. We got to the hospital and they said I broke my wrist. "How am I supposed to dance with a broken wrist. " I asked Harry crying. "Dani in any of the dance you don't use your arms. Well except in kiss you your supposed to do a back hand spring. " Harry said. "Mabey I can just do a back Aerial." I said giving Harry a hopeful look as we left. We got home and I took a shower and I used my coconut body was and hair wash. I got out and I dried my hair and put a pink fluffy towel around my body. I was in my closet trying to pick out clothes when Harry walked in. "Knock much?" I asked. "Nope. " Harry said popping the p. I just ignored him and picked out a crop top that goes a little above my belly button and it says Not just any dancer.in silver and the crop top is light blue. I put on some British flag shorts. "Cute outfit we have to go." Harry said as I put on some white toms. We left and got to the airport. We got mobbed. I hate being in tight spaces. I ended up curling up in a ball and crying on the floor until uncle Paul picked me up and carried me to the plane. "What's wrong kiddo?" Paul asked. "W-w-w-we got m-m-m-mobbed and I lost the boys and there was to many people. " I said crying. Paul judged nodded his head and found the boys. "Oh my god Daniela where were you." Harry yelled. Paul just answered for me as he handed me to Harry. We boarded the plain and Harry held me in his arms as we watched tv. "Mr. Your going to have to put her in a seat with a seat belt. " the flight attendant said. Harry just put me in a seat next to him. I was watching frozen and the boys were asleep. I decide that I was going to take a picture of them since they were all laying on each other except for Niall he was cuddling with a bag of chips. #sleepy boys on a plane. And then I tagged the boys in it. I was bored so I just played with my black sparkly cast. "Dani if you keep playing with it your gonna end up tearing it off." Harry said. "Whatever. " I said as I sat down Harry sang little things to me and I fell asleep.

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