Harry's little sister.

Dani is Harry's little sister he loves her with all of his heart but comes off as a jerk some times. Dani is eleven and she plays softball and does dance.


9. Good morning fagot/interview

Dani's POV

I woke up with the girls and Zayn and Liam sleeping on the floor next to me. Zayn is holding me in his arms like usual.The blonde Barbie was sneaking out of Harry's room. "Leaving so soon!" I asked smirking. "Shut the heck up brat." She said tiredly. "Proud parents you must have!calling an 11 year old a brat. Bravo bravo." I said while clapping. "They would be proud since they don't even care about what I do."she said tears welling up in her eyes. I just got up and gave her a hug. "I'm sorry. You should stay for breakfast." I said smiling. "Ok. I'm sorry for calling you a brat." She said. "Eh it's fine. I do come off like a brat a lot." I said laughing. I walked her into the kitchen and got her a pain killer. Hang overs are horrible from what i herd from Liam."thanks." She said taking it. "No problem. I'm Daniela Harry's little sister but you can just call me dani." I said. "I'm Britney but you can call me Brit." She said helping me set out stuff for the boys hangovers. "Do you want to help me make chocolate chip pancakes?" I asked."sure there my favorite." She said. I turned on music while we made them. We were sitting there making breakfast swinging our hips to the beat when we hear wolf whistles. "Boys if you want to eat I suggest you don't do that and also I will shout a lot of you have hangovers." I said smirking while turning around to face them. I was wearing a Neon pink sports bra a white crop top and some neon blue tight short shorts. Britney was wearing one of my blue crop tops and my white shorts. "Harry can I talk to you for a second." I asked smiling. He nodded his head and we walked out if the kitchen. "Since you decided to have a one night stand with her. you are going to spend time with her. What you do to girls is disrespectful and rude. " he just looked at me with amazement and nodded his head. I walked back into the kitchen with Drew and Emily behind me. "So Brit tell us about yourself." I said. "Ok. I'm 18 years old turning 19 on February 1. Um my favorite color is orange I love soccer. I have two parents who don't give a care about me. Umm I'm a gymnast and I love pandas." She said. "Woah woah woah back up your a gymnast and you have a Cheshire accent. Did you go to hunts last year?" I asked. "Yeah how'd you know.?" She asked. "Well 1 because I know you. You were the best gymnast in the gym and you weren't rude to me. I was sad when you moved. " I said hugging her."ohh wait your tiny Tinny little d the dancer with a perfect dismount on bars and perfect form on every thing else as the girls in the gym would say. " She said hugging me." Yeah no one calls me tiny anymore!! I said laughing as hazza came in. "Brit can i talk to you." Hazza asked. She nodded her head and went with him. "Will you be my girlfriend." I herd him ask then her squeal yes. I started to whistle and the girls started to clap. "Hey Hazz we should probably start getting ready for the interview don't ya think. I'll lend Britney some of my clothes since a lot of them are big on me." I said. Britney is only 5'2 she's pretty and short. I gave Britney a black tank top that says styles girl an then some blue and black shorts and whit toms and then I put on a belly shirt that shows my belly button ring my shirt is white and I threw on some neon yellow short and some white flats on the back of my shirt it said mini styles. We all got in to the car including Britney. We got to the interview an got out of the car. There were tons of screaming fans. Since we had Emily and Drew Niall had to carry Drew and Louis carried Emily and I was carried by my cheeky brother. Zayn and the other boys walked with Brit in between them. We got in and were showed to the side of the stage where we would go in. "Every body give it up for Rosalind Garcia and her guest.... One direction!!" The Announcer said as the boys walked on to the stage.

(Rosalind=R Liam-li Zayn-Z Harry-H Louis-L Niall -N Dani-D Emily-E Drew-DD)

R- so boys tell us who is this little girl you guys where carrying out of the plain?

H-that is my little sister Dani.

R- what is she doing here with you?

Z-you'll have to see at our concert to night.

R- I she at least here In the studio?

I walked on to the stage and sat in Zayn's lap.

R-Oh hi Dani


R- how do you like it with the boys.

D- it has it's ups and downs ,but mostly ups.

R- ok so can you tell me who the boys where carrying in to the studio and the lovely girl that was walking in with them.

D- sure well the blonde one that Niall is carrying is his sister drew. DD come here please and then the other one that Louis is carrying is his sister Emily. Emily come out please and then the lovely lady is Britney and I'll let Harry tell you about her.

R-well hello Drew and Emily


R-Harry do you want to tell us more about miss Britney.

H- well ok this here the lovely girl who is sitting on my lap is Britney. My little sister Daniela or Dani knew her a lot before I did and she is my girlfriend.

R- ok so dani how did you know Britney.

D-well Drew,Emily,and I did gymnastics with her last year. She was our only friend at the gym because the other girls where really stuck up and rude. They just knew us as the dancers who have perfect form and a perfect dismount on bars. Well Britney saw us as the little girls that we were. She didn't see us as Louis's little sister or Niall's little sister or Harry's little sister. She saw us as Dani,Emily,and Drew.

R-well that's just so nice and also all the time we have so good bye this was Rosalind Garcia,one direction,dani,Emily,Drew,and Britney.

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