Harry's little sister.

Dani is Harry's little sister he loves her with all of his heart but comes off as a jerk some times. Dani is eleven and she plays softball and does dance.


7. first practice

Dani's POV.

I woke up to Liam crying. "Li li. What's wrong. " I asked. Hugging him. "Sophia cheated on me with Nathan Sykes from the wanted. " he said crying in to my shoulder. I just sat there and rubbed circles in his back. " Liam look at me. " I said and he looked up at me. "She isn't worth your tears. She was a slut anyways. I knew she was cheating on you but she threatened me. She said if I told you she would kill you. " I said. "I can't lose you li your like a brother to me. " I said while hugging him. "You know what dani after hearing that I am sooo over her." Liam said smiling. "Oh by the way you have dance practice in an hour." Liam said and got up. I got up and I walked over to my suitcase and got out a black sports bra and some black spandex shorts that say dance in sequins on the butt. I walked in to the. Bathroom and I straightens my curly hair. I put it in a pony tail and I grabbed a pink ribbon. "Hey Liam will you tie this in my hair?" I asked. "Sure princess. " he said and tied it in. I kissed him on the cheek and I walked over to Harry. "Hazza!" I scream. He shot out of bed and smacked his head on the roof. "FREAK. " he yelled. " oh so you can shout but I can't. Hypocrite. Anyways I need you to drive me to a studio so that I can learn the new dances." I said. "Fine just go get in the car and ill drive you."Harry said. As I was walking out I bumped into Ashton. Again and fell on my butt. "We have got to stop meeting this way. " I said quietly. "Yes yes we do. Where are you going and why are you not with one of the boys." Ashton asked. "I'm going to dance practice and the boys are asleep Harry is taking me to practice. " I said he just nodded his head and walked away. I ran in to the kitchen and I put on some music. I decided that I would make some breakfast for the boys so I started making pancakes. As I was cooking I started to sing along with the music and sway my hips."what are the older girls on the drill team teaching you!!!" Harry shouted and threw a shirt at me. "I hope you know that I'm not gonna where this." I said with sass and I walked out of the kitchen and went out of the bus and over to Harry's range rover. Harry got in and we started speeding down the road to the studio. When we got there I ran into see my two best friends. Emily and Drew. "D. D Emil!!" I squealed and ran over to them. " Oh my god Dani what happened to your arm!!" They both yelled at the same time. "I was coming in from the pool and I slipped on the wood floor and I fell and broke my arm. " I said smiling. "Hello Daniela I herd you broke your arm. " Mr. Cowel said as he walked up to me. "Yes sir I did. " I said. " in one of the dances we needed you to do a back and spring but. " I cut him off. "Mr. Cowel I can do another trick with no hands." I said. "Ok dani that is fine with me as long as it is a backwards trick." Mr. Cowel said. I just nodded and he walked away. We walked up to the choreographer. "Ok guys so hears the dance. I don't expect any if you to get it the first time. " she said as they ran the music. "And a 5...6...7...8. " she said as west attend the dance. The people who didn't get it at first sat down. In the end me,Emily and Drew where the last ones standing. "Come on you older girls. The three youngest dancers made it thought the whole dance. Go get some water. " coach Alex said as Harry walked in. "Hey princess how are things going. " Harry asked me. "Good. So far Emily, Drew,and I are the only ones that have the first dance down. " I said happily. " you guys don't even have it down." One of the older rude dancers said. "Yeah we don't have it down but you do of course. Because you were one of the last dancers up like us right? Oh no you weren't so I'd shut the hell up Barbie. " I said to her face as Harry pulled me back. "YOU WANNA GO LITTLE BRAT!!!" She scream. " BRING IT ON BARBIE . " I yelled as coach Alex walked up. " Tara if your just gonna pick on the younger girls you can just pack up and leave. "Coach Alex told her. Tara just pouted and stomped away. "All three of the younger girls can leave since you have all of the dances down perfectly." Coach Alex said. " ooh Harry can drew and Emily sleep over!!" I asked giving him a puppy dog look. "Fine but you have to be quiet we have an interview tomorrow morning." Harry said giving in to the look. "Drew Emily your sleeping over on the tour bus with me. " I scream. Then I herd Tara say. " why does she get to stay on a tour bus. " then I responded like this. "My brother is Harry styles. " I said and jumped on to Harry's back as the girls walked be hind us.

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