Harry's little sister.

Dani is Harry's little sister he loves her with all of his heart but comes off as a jerk some times. Dani is eleven and she plays softball and does dance.



Dani's POV.

I woke up to the boys taking pictures of me sleeping. Again. "Boys I killed three people yesterday don't think that I will hesitate to brake your arms."I said while getting out of bed and going to the bathroom to brush my teeth. "So who did you kill first?" Harry asked. "Um Tom,and Jay. " I said trying to remember their names. "Ugh I wanted Siva dead first."he said pouting. "Well maybe If Siva,Nathan,and Max didn't come out to Chloroform us they would have been dead first ,but Nooooo!"I said straightening my last curl and putting it in to a pony tail. "Well how did you kill them." Niall asked. Walking in. "Well I threw two knives at Tom and Jay and then Drew shot Nathan,Emily shot Max and I shot Siva!!!"I said smiling. "You guys are vicious."he said walking away. "Hey it was either the head and die painfully or in the heart and watch them die immediately.The first one was funnier!!" I said while walking over to the girls. "We should have a party at the hotel once we get to Vegas!!!"I said jumping around. "For the kill?!?"Drew asked. "Nah for are birthdays I mean mine is soon yours is soon and Emily's is in a few days."I said while walking over to the boys. "BOOBEAR!!!!"I scream."what!!!"Louis yelled from the other room. "Come here!!!"I scream and he ran in and tripped and smacked his head on the wall. "Ok 1. We want to throw a party for our twelfth birthday once we get to Vegas an 2. I want to see Elly!!!" I whined. "I want to see her too I'll invite her to the party. Ok. "He said. "Kk!! Oh and no alcohol."I said laughing. "Fine!!"he pouted. I ran up stairs to tell the 5sos boys.when I got up there all the boys where sleeping. "BOYS!!"I scream and I felt someone jump on me as the shot out of bed."ok. 1 I was just trying to tell you guys that where throwing a party once we get to Vegas and 2 whoever the heck is on me better get off. Now." I said. I couldn't see because they had their hand over my eyes."what makes you think if listen to you?"whoever was on me said. I didn't respond and I flipped him and I moved his hand. "Who are you?!?"I asked to see a really hot boy about 12 years old. "I'm Ashton's little brother Anderson.who are you and how did you do that?!?" He asked really confused. "Well 1 I'm Harry's little sister Daniela and 2 that's for me to know and you to not find out!"I said smirking and walking away when I herd a knife click like it was being thrown. I turn around seeing the knife coming towards me. I reached out and grabbed the handle of the knife flipping it so I could throw it. "You work for Robin don't you" I said smirking at him." How'd you-" I cut him off. "Robin is my step father and throw I knife at me again and I will hurt you"I said calmly. "Oh yeah what level are you?" He said trying to be a smart Alec "Zero"I said turning and smirking at him. "No girl has ever been a zero!!"he said stepping closer. I pulled out my badge from my spandex shorts. "Dam it. " he whispered. "What your only A 1" I said while walking away. "Yes. "He said pouting.i just kept walking. "ASHTON'S BROTHER IS HOT!!!" I yelled down stairs so he could hear. "I herd that he yelled down the stairs. "You were supposed to. " I said smirking turning my back to him and walking away once I felt like I was in someone's arms. I could tell it was Hazz. "Yes Harold."I said calmly. "No dating!"he whispered. "Please Hazz I really like him and he works for Robin. " I said smiling. "Fine. " he huffed.

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