1D at American Eagle

This fan fiction is about 3 directioners Teva , Lina , and Baleigh work at American Eagle and help Mr.Styles , Mr.Tomlinson , Mr.Malik finding a pair of jeans when it all goes down


1. The Beginning

It was a normal wonderful day at the London,England American Eagle , when the One Direction boys walked in. We know them by heart the come in all the time to get clothes, but only Baleigh and Lina know them cause they've been there for the longest . Harry goes to Baleigh and Louis goes to Lina , the three new associates haven't been assigned a boy yet "Teva gets Zayn , Kaylee gets Liam , and Madison you get Niall ." So we go and talk to our boys for a sec.

Baleigh and Harry

B : Harry you've gotten taller , stronger , and hotter you just can't stay the same can't you .

H : What can I say but you've gotten sexier , skinnier not that you weren't skinny before but we've just not seen each other for a wile .

B : Well glad your back . How long are you staying ?

H : We are staying for 6 months.

B : Yes I mean that's great.

H : Well what are we waiting for ?

B : Nothing you go to the dressing room I'll go get some pants and we'll fit you.

H : That sounds great

Louis and Lina

L : Hey it's been forever I heard the news though

Lt : Ya but we were just not ment to be

L : Well what you gonna go now

Lt : You know what I really don't know

L : I do we are going to try on some clothes well your going to try on some clothes

Teva and Zayn

T : What are you looking for

Z : Some t-shirts and jeans

T : I will help you can go to the dressing room I grab some stuff and bring it to you ok

Z : Thanks

Kaylee and Liam

K : Hi what can I help you with I'm now the know it all here

Lp : Thats great cause I need some new jeans

K : There is a big room all the way at the end of the dressing room go stand in it I'll be right there ok

Lp : Ok

Niall and Madison

M : Someone told me I was with you so I'm here to help you ok

N : I'm not a alein or a stupid person off of Family Guy

M : Oh I know I didn't know if you spoke this language

N : Well I need some shirts

M : In the fitting room now

N : Ok Mrs.Bossy Pants

Find out what happens in chapter 2 The Day

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