The apocalypse!!!


1. chapter 1


I woke up like any normal day but it isn't........its the apocalypse! And so far every one I know is dead or turned into a zombie. So now you know the past eight months of my life. Hi my name is Reece and im 15 years old getting ready to turn 16 here in about two months. A great way to spend my sweet 16 in an apocalypse! ~note the sarcasm~ any ways I check my ammunition and got dressed. I wore a black T-shirt with camo jeans, and black combat boots. I'm running out of food so I have to go out and find some. Great! So now I grab a pistol and an ump47. And head out. right now there are hardly any but I have to kill them. Then with one of the dead bodys I add some of the body parts to me and when I walked past zombies they actually didn't kill me. It worked! YES!

As I walked another mile or two I run into a grocery store. I look into it and find food but I hope its not spoiled. When i found my way in i looked at some and im so lucky! some of the electricity worked so the refriderated food was good! Thank the hevans! i qucikly grabbed a months worth because i seen that the zombies are starting to accumulate. so i run. i tripped just before a zombie was going to attack. i get inside my zombie proof house(lol i sound like an epic nerd) and lock every single door and window. I cant take this surviving any more! Im always starving! i have to kill all day long! im tired from lack of sleep! UGH i cant take it anymore! I just wish things were back to normal! i start to sob! i miss everyone so much! i have to be the last one alive! I just don't know how I survived! I just wish there was just someone else! I fell like im in a nightmare! IM ALMOST LOOSING MY MIND!! I better get something to eat? So I grab something. im so hungry! man I look like a pig! You know what I don't care no one else is alive and im going to die alone crying and insane!

after long long hours of planning, hunting, etc.. I needed sleep. when I fell I sleep I woke up to the sound of a bang, crash then all of the sudden I felt someone pick me then I blacked out.




hey guys srry for the short chapter I just had to get the info out in some way. thanks for reading!!!


just the original me

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