The Inked Fae

Faylin has just turned 18 but has woken up to a mysterious watercolour horse tattoo on her arm and her mum seems like she won't believe her story about the fact that she has no idea of how it got there. But when Fay questions her mother about her fathers disappearence when she was a baby, everything starts falling into place and it turns out that her mum, Loralei knows more than Fay thinks. Soon Fay will understand the reason for her fathers disappearence and the blood which proves who she really is.


4. Chapter 4


“And here I was thinking you needed to wear a trench coat and have a husky voice to seem creepy.” I claimed.

Sorcha snorted, “Well thank your lucky stars that I’m one of you, well more that you’re one of me, and I’m really just showing you the way back home.”

“Home?” I wondered? That sounded inviting. Yeah, so does lollies given out by a guy in a white van, I thought sarcastically. I smiled at my own joke and kept trudging down the hill, deeper into the woods.

Passing through a few pine trees that had dropped their needles which were scattered in a nest around them on the ground, we finally reached an opening where two trees had grown into each other kind of like an archway. If it weren't for all the unidentifiable flowers delicately woven around the branches, I would have thought this weird structure to be a coincidence. Sorcha sat down on one of the logs adjacent to the twin trees.

"Well I figured before I send you into a completely different dimension, I should explain a few things first and answer any questions that you may have."

"Sweet, so what else to I need to know about being a faerie or wherever I'm going to be heading in the next few minutes?"

"Well one, when you enter the realm you will find an assigned warrior right outside the portal area who keeps an eye on everything and everyone that comes in and out of Avalon. He will let you through because he'll know that you're a faerie. You'll want to go towards the Seelie Court because that's where you're from and it should be fairly easy to find it but if you get confused then just ask him. Don't worry, he won't hurt you. The warrior’s are considered the uttermost protection of Avalon."

"How do you know I'm from the Seelie Court?"

"Fay, every faerie knows who you are once they know your name. Why do you think I'm here? I was sent here to keep an eye on you, make sure you were never harmed. There are loads more around of course, I was just young enough to school with you." Sorcha explained proudly.

"So how have I never noticed you around before? You're like in two of my classes and I've never seen your face before in my life. No offence," I added quickly.

"None taken." She giggled. "I used a special type of glamour that only spirit users can make. It made me completely unnoticed by you but everyone else could see me only if I wanted them too. Normally any supernatural can tell if a faerie is using a glamour due to being attuned to the magical forces of the world. Humans are not however and this is why we use glamours to conceal our wings from them. Some psychics can pick them up being more attuned to these forces but they don’t try and reveal our existence because they understand the need for our life to be contained. To remain unknown. To remain a myth or legend.”

“So I never picked up on your glamour before because I wasn’t exactly attuned to my magic?” I questioned.

“Correct. I’m guessing you were going to ask to see these.” All of a sudden a massive blossom of wings appeared on her back. They appeared to stick out almost like thorns in a very ordered and beautiful way and they shone a greyish purple. They were almost as beautiful as the pair perched on my back.

My jaw dropped to the ground. “Woah. Your wings are absolutely stunning.”

“Well that’s what I thought about yours when I first saw them. Everyone’s wings are different, just like their Fyglia transformation.”

“Hold up… Fyglia?” I suddenly thought back to the article I read about our kind the previous night when I thought my mother had gone ballistic but I’d ended up searching faeries up anyway.

“The animal on your arm is your Fyglia, Fay. That’s your true spirit form, the animal that represents your soul. They’ll explain more of that kind of stuff when you get there probably. Too complicated for me to explain. But if you wanna see mine, here it is.” She pulled up her sleeve and in the exact same place as mine but on the opposite arm, there was a massive watercolour tattoo of a wolf with red streaks swirling around it. “Now you may wanna hurry up and go. I froze the whole school, I didn’t exactly freeze time. So they’re gonna become conscious again and wonder how the hell it’s ten minutes into second period and they’re still in first. Also I kind of have to make everyone forget what they saw which will be a bit hard seeing as it’s a few people but I can handle it.”

“Wow ok, guess you can’t have the coolest powers can you?” I joked.

“Oh no one ever does. It’s like so not fair.” Sorcha mocked in a joking way. We both laughed and then sighed.

"I'm guessing that you're not coming with?"

"Well I kinda have to unfreeze everyone first and then go to all your classes and make your teaches think they saw you so you don't get in trouble for truancy." She gave me a wink.

Sounded logical. "Ok well I guess I'll see you later then? Oh wait, how on earth do you work this thing?" I pointed to the "portal door".

She swiftly walked over to the entrance and with a swish of her hand a dimensional portal was created. Inside all I saw was rainbow colours that seemed to lead no where. I gave her a confused look.

"Just walk into the portal and think of the name of the place you wanna go. In this case you want to go straight to Avalon." Looked easy enough, I shouldn't accidentally wind up in heaven or something. I'm sure angels would use the same type of transport though.

I turned to face Sorcha, "Thanks so much for helping me out. I would have been in so much crap if you hadn't of been there when that happened."

"No biggie, that's what I was meant to be there for anyway. To help during your distressing transformation. What else?" She smiled. "Have fun there. I wish I could come with but I've got too much too handle here.”

I took a deep breath and exhaled carefully. This couldn’t be so bad. Hesitantly I stepped before the portal, studied it for a bit and then turned back to Sorcha for reassurance, “You’re sure this thing is safe? I mean, it will take me exactly where I’m meant to go?”

“Of course,” She insisted. “Just think of Avalon and you’ll be sweet. If you end up anywhere else I’m sure the people there will have the decency to send you back home.”

“Very reassuring,” I said. She just smiled back and started walking back up the way we came. I gathered up all my courage and placed one foot into the portal and the rest of my body slowly followed. I made sure that only one word echoed through my mind while passing through. Avalon. Take me to the beautiful faerie kingdom, Avalon.

I felt the gravity around me lift a little and another forest, yet so much more beautiful than the one I was just in, started to materialize around me. It was so beautiful that I had to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming it all up. If it wasn’t for Sorcha, I would have thought that I’d died and gone to heaven. I looked around me only to find a faerie warrior standing right behind me. I almost jumped six feet in the air when I saw him. He was so big compared to me but somehow I could feel that he radiated only positive energy. I had almost every faith in him that he wasn’t about to attack me.

“It can’t be...” he stared right at me, with a confused but knowing face. “The lost daughter of royalty? Faylinn Carington?”

Well obviously that was my father’s last name that we obviously didn’t use in the human world. Smart to change it, we didn’t want to be found after all so it sounded like a logical explanation. “Uh, yeah? I’m looking for the Seelie Court?”

The guy look bewildered beyond belief, “Yes, my princess. The gates are that way through the shrubs and trees, you’ll eventually come upon the entrance of the Seelie.”

I almost smirked when he said ‘princess’ but I realised that it must be protocol and I didn’t want to give a bad first impression to the people I was born to lead. I remembered my mother telling me about how we were from the palace and my father was well respected by the fae. I felt it was only right to show them the uttermost respect, especially after what they had all gone through. “Thank you, you’re very kind. Do you mind if I get your name so I don’t forget you?”

This time he looked almost ecstatic, “Oh sure my princess. My name is Aeolus Demeter. I am proud to serve you.”

I knew that one somehow, was it Greek class? We had studied myths and legends as well as the language. “Aeolus? Oh like the God? Lemme guess, your element is wind?”

“You’re as right as my mother is, your majesty. I’m glad that you were able to pick that up being in the human world all this time. I didn’t think they would teach that in their high schools as a compulsory subject?”

“No, they don’t unfortunately. But I chose the language and the teacher is just somewhat of a go-getter so yeah. I guess I learnt stuff I never thought I’d need.”

“Well I’m sure you would make an outstanding student here at the School of Avalon.” He proudly stated.

“Thank you, Aeolus. Well I better be going now otherwise I’ll never find the gates.” I started towards the shrouded woods.

“No problem, princess. Have a lovely day.” Aeolus called out after me.

I followed the flower trail which lead through to a bunch of trees that sheltered over one another. The path started to curve around in endless semi circles and squiggles before I saw any sign of change. Finally up ahead I managed to spot a clearing with held a gate made of stone and metal and was covered in more unidentifiable flowers. I guess in a place like this you wouldn’t see much of anything that would be back in the human world.

I walked right up to the gates that didn’t seem to have an end on either side or the top. Confused I reached out to test the door, but no amount of strength would push or pull it open. I tried knocking too but no one answered. Maybe I should have asked Aeolus how to open it before I went venturing off on my own. Sometimes I questioned my ability to think before I acted.

All of a sudden I felt a strong breeze of wind and a faint voice travelled between the gusts but I couldn’t quite make it out. Soon I started to hear distant flutters and the ground literally almost shook. There was something big coming towards the gate, and it was coming straight from the directions of the trees. I stood there in front of the entrance, bracing myself for something that sounded like it had the power to kill me. If this was anything like the disaster my mother had described then I was dead for sure.

All of a sudden from the far side of the clearing, lions, tigers, deer, horses and foxes pounced from the bushes and lorikeets, kestrels, bluebirds, falcons and owls flew out from the trees towards me. I slid down against the stone to the ground, hoping that if I didn’t look like I posed a threat that they would just ignore me. But that didn’t work, because they were coming straight towards me. Soon they were slowing down and stopped right in front of where I was sitting. One of the tigers started towards me and I sat dead still. It’s going to eat me, it’s going to eat me. I’m dead, I thought hastily.

Despite looking like one of the most ferocious kitties of the wild, it didn’t growl or lick it’s lips once at me. I was sure that was a good sign, or so I hoped.

Suddenly it stopped just a metre away from my legs and stared at me for a few seconds before it put one of it’s paws back and bowed. Soon after all the other animals that were right behind the tiger bowed in unison. I was sure I was finally going crazy. Was this really happening?

The tiger suddenly spoke, “Welcome back to the kingdom of the Seelie, my princess. We are happy to assist in leading you through the kingdom to your rightful place at the palace.”

I was completely bewildered. A tiger just spoke and I couldn’t even process everything else that had just happened. “Uh, sure. Ok, just back up for a second though, remind me I’m not dreaming and this is all real? I’m sort of having trouble processing everything.” I was freaking talking to a tiger.

“My apologies, princess. I will give you a logical explanation.” The tiger rose up onto his two feet and all of a sudden he started to glow and then shrink into a human figure. A man about my parent’s age appeared and smiled at me. “This is my human form. What you saw of me before was my true form. My fyglia transformation.”

My mouth fell open, “So wait, that would mean that you are all real, and the fyglia transformation is really something you transform into, and this...” I pointed at my horse tattoo, “is what I… and this is all real...oh my god...” I was so full up of everything that I just couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly I felt super dizzy and couldn’t stand properly.

Then I blacked out.

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