The Inked Fae

Faylin has just turned 18 but has woken up to a mysterious watercolour horse tattoo on her arm and her mum seems like she won't believe her story about the fact that she has no idea of how it got there. But when Fay questions her mother about her fathers disappearence when she was a baby, everything starts falling into place and it turns out that her mum, Loralei knows more than Fay thinks. Soon Fay will understand the reason for her fathers disappearence and the blood which proves who she really is.


3. Chapter 3


Something woke me up that morning and it wasn’t the amazing aroma of coffee wafting its way down the hallway. I was dreaming of long grassy plains with the sun on my back and I was running. Not to escape anything but because I was free. The wind tousled my long grey mane and I reared my head in joy, I had never been so alive in my life. Suddenly a delicate shaped shadow overlapped with mine and I looked up to find a massive eagle soaring up above me. It didn’t show any signs of attacking so I continued at my own pace and the eagle kept up with me. Soon we reached a lake filled with turquoise coloured water and pure white oval ring of sand lined around it. Sitting right at the edge, drinking soundlessly was the most beautiful white swan I’d ever seen in my life. Hearing my rhythmic hoofbeats, the swan craned her neck around to look our way. It somehow seemed to share the exact same emerald green eye colour as my mother, and then suddenly it spoke with her voice, “Wake up sweety, time for school.” With a massive pull of her wings she flustered them at me and shocked me enough to wake up and bolt up straight in my bed. In front of me sat my mother trying to coax me awake with a cup of coffee.

Ok so maybe it was the smell that woke me up.

“Honey, are you ok?” She asked, concerned that I had been shocked awake.

“Uh, yeah. Just a strange dream that’s all. Thanks for the coffee.” I gave her a reassuring smile and gratefully took the steaming cup from her hands.

“You know you don’t have to go to school today. You could just help me at home with the home business or just relax. Whatever you want. You had a bit of family history thrown at you yesterday and you never take a day off school, you deserve it.”

Contemplating the offered day off while taking quick small sips from my cup, I decided to refuse. “It’s ok. Honestly I feel like I’ll have a better day today, plus I really need to take this test. It determines my overall grade for the class.” Not that it bothered me really, I knew I was going to pass. I was just saying that so she would let the matter drop.

“Hmm, ok then. Just make sure you get some lunch before you go.” She stood up from the bed. “Oh and before I forget to say anything, if you notice that anything about you starts to change today, just remember that you’ll be ok. You’re always protected no matter what.” Then she swiftly left the bedroom with me and my already half finished coffee.


The drive to school was heavenly as always. I’d had enough money in my allowance to spend it on anything I wanted whether it be study, clothes, shoes, a trip to a different country, the options were almost endless in my books because there wasn’t anything I really wanted that costed more than roughly $6000 and I had a fair bit more in my account than that but I didn’t really care. As an early birthday present to myself and kind of from my mother because she’d saved from when I was young, although I never quite figured out how she managed to save up that much just through selling cute wiccan jewellery pieces, clothing and handmade tools and candles online, maybe she had a secret buyer, I ended up going out to buy myself my very own black 1996 Subaru Legacy RS. This beauty was so rare, I had to track someone down who actually owned one and was willing to sell it. Just because I could, I gave them an extra $2000 and told them it was like a thank you gift for letting me buy my dream car off of them. Let’s just say this couple was quite shocked that a seventeen year old girl had so much money on her but were more than happy to accept the extra cash. I was just more than happy that I had found my baby at last. My mother however wasn’t so happy with the choice of car; out of all the money I had and choices I could have made, I chose the one that contributed to most of the environment’s air pollution, rather than one which was a plug-in hybrid Prius and was way less inconspicuous. Other than that, she had no fuss over what I used the money on really. Apparently she had way more where that came from in her very own account which she didn’t seem to care for really.

Smiling at the memory, I stepped my foot on the gas and the second turbo kicked into gear as I sped up the straight set road sending the needle right up to 100kph. Adrenaline finally kicked in sending my stomach in somersaults and I was having the time of my life, with the wind rushing towards my face from the open window and the music turned up so that the bass vibrated the entire car. Little did I notice that closer up to the bend in front of me there was a police car parked sneakily in front of a maroon van. I instantly tried to slow down but I’d obviously seen them too late and passed the cops at around 80kph, taking the bend at 5kph slower, not that it helped my situation. They were on my tail in a matter of seconds showing red and blue lights behind me and I knew the smartest thing to do right now was just pull over. Turning down the music I waited for them guiltily to come and give me the fine that I deserved. Well it was fun while it lasted, I thought to myself. At least I’m not losing my car, I’m just going to be super late to my Greek language test if this takes too long, and cops were known for taking their bloody time.

The cop finally reached my window and I looked up to him. He was an older guy, probably mid forties but already starting to grey at the edges of his hair cut.

“Nice car you got there, subaru legacy 1996. Gotta love ‘em.” He had a soft sounding scottish accent, and he did sound like he enjoyed the look of the car. Scanning his eyes over Black Beauty (Yes, I named my car. All car lovers do that), he spoke again, “Too bad this was a bad place to test out her skills. You were goin’ 30kph over, miss. Do you have any explanation for exceeding the limit?”

I finally caught his eye, and before I could speak I felt something churning inside of me. Yes I was already nervous, but that wasn’t what the feeling was. With a mental force, I started to lie through my teeth almost without thinking twice about what I was saying, “Sorry officer, I was just so late to my grandmother’s funeral. I was really upset and had only heard the news this morning. It was very terrible, apparently she fell down the stairs and hit her head on the corner of a glass table. Glass and blood everywhere. I can’t bear to even think of it. I would just be most relieved if I didn’t have to deal with a ticket today.” I did my best to promote a convincing sad face. I was actually a terrible liar, but by the looks of it I may not have needed to even try in the first place. Even so, I proceeded to stare him straight in the eyes, “Please don’t give me a ticket, officer. I beg of you.”

The cop looked almost mesmerized almost as if he’d been induced into a hypnotic trance while I was voicing my ‘tragic’ story and replied almost monotonously, “Sure. I won’t give ye’ a ticket today, miss. No beggin’ required. Have a nice day.” With a blank look he walked back to his car.

I was shocked at his response. What on earth just happened? I definitely should have gotten a fine. I didn’t even have a grandmother and shouldn’t have I been crying? I doubt he really felt that sorry for me alone, let alone liked my car that much. Still, I’d been let off by a miracle and I was not going to be late.

On the way, I received a text from Kendra, my best friend who I’d known practically my entire life. We’d gone to the same preschool and then stuck together like glue in primary, intermediate and even until the last year of high school we were inseparable.


Pick me up on the way? Missed the bus… again!


It was almost a coincidence that I was literally five seconds away from her house. I pulled up in her driveway and texted back,


Already here you lunatic. Hurry up :P


I tooted the car horn as I sent it because she was known for losing her phone. Kendra was the klutziest person I knew and she always managed to run into something such as a wall or trip over something that wasn’t actually there. The only two things she was really good at was talking and swimming.

No exaggeration.

Finally she emerged from the front door with her school bag slung over one shoulder and an apple wedged between her two front teeth and bottom jaw. Someone looked like they had clicked the snooze button a few thousand times.

Pulling the car door open she slumped herself down in the passenger seat and sighed, “I hate mornings. I also hate that I chose Greek as a subject.” Her mousy brown wavy hair clustered around her pale face, her blue eyes were bloodshot, pure signs of a late night.

“Well if you had of studied a tad more, you might have understood what anói̱ti̱ gynaíka means.” I mocked.

“Oh crap. What was that one again?”

I rolled my eyes, “Silly woman! And that wasn’t even in the practice test!”

It took her a second to realise she was being made fun of. “Hey, if I had a brilliant mind like you I would have. I wish there were some magical way for me to just know it all.”

That made me think for a minute about my powers again. Supposedly I wielded the element spirit. Sounded like something to do with mind power, but even if it could help her out, I didn’t have the faintest clue how to work the magic. “Yeah don’t they all.” I said disappointedly. Slowly I backed out of the driveway and drove on towards the school.

We arrived in less than two minutes at the front gates of West Albany High. I parked in my usual spot, right next to the front sign and slightly adjacent to a cherry blossom tree which was currently in full bloom. It was so beautiful I wanted to take it home with me and replant it in my backyard. On our breaks, Kendra and I would retreat to the tree and sit under it while eating our lunch and keeping a good eye on the legacy; I didn’t trust anyone from that school to treat my baby with respect, or the tree for that matter.

As I silenced the engine, we both got out of the car and hurried to class. We were half way there when I realised that I’d forgotten my pens in my in my locker. “Hey you go on to class, Kenz. I just need to go to my locker for something. I’ll meet you there. Save me a seat, ok?”

“Oh, yeah sure!” She agreed then almost walked into a door that was opening right in front of her. I let my face fall in my hand and tried to process the everlasting stupidity and humor of the moment before I jogged down the hallway to my locker.

I knew the combination on the lock so well now, I could probably use it as a password for online accounts so I’d never forget it. I swung the door open and a large object flew down from the top shelf and attacked my face before it reached the ground. Thank god someone invented the cute fluffy pencil cases otherwise that may have hurt a lot more. I went to reach down to retrieve it when I noticed a slim, dark haired girl with a cute, long fringe had already picked it up for me. She stood up straight again and said, “Oh I think this is yours?” And then I saw her eyes. Her piercing violet eyes, which resembled mine almost exactly. No one else that I knew or anyone for that matter had the same colour eyes as me. “Um, are you ok there?”

I hadn’t realised that I’d been so mesmerized by her eyes that I’d literally been staring at her with such amazement. “Oh, sorry. I mean… yeah. Thanks.” I said flustered. I went to reach out and retrieve my leopard print fluffball when her eyes darted to my arm with the tattoo. She instantly dropped the pencil case to grab my arm and slid my school blazer further up so she could study it a bit more. Her violet eyes went wide with shock.

“When did you get this?”

I freaked, “Please don’t tell anyone. If you’re a part of the school council then I really don’t want to get into any trou...”

“When did you get this tattoo?”

I sighed, “Two nights ago, on my birthday. It’s really nothing.”

“No, no. I just… wanted to say that it’s amazing. It’s really beautiful. Be proud of it. Just don’t let the teachers see it.” She said that last part like she knew the feeling of being caught out.

“Thanks. Just please, promise me you won’t say anything?”

“You have my word.” She smiled and flashed her brilliant white teeth.

We’d been so caught up with all this that I completely forgot we didn’t even know each others names. “Oh I feel so stupid. My name’s Faylinn.”

“Yeah I know. Mine’s Sorcha.”

“You know me? Sorry, I don’t know you. I actually haven’t seen you around.”

“Oh well you know it’s a pretty big school, and I’ve only just got a locker in this corridor actually. You know you are in my english class.” I was? I had never noticed her before until now.

“Oh. I guess I’ll see you second period then. Anyways, see you!” I picked up my abused pencil case off the ground and hurried off before I could be any second later to my test. Surprisingly my foot landed in the door just as the bell sounded. Way in the back, Kendra waved at me to get my attention. I quickly made my way over to her and sat down, dropping my bag at my feet and retrieved a pen for the test.

Literally two seconds later, the girl I had just met in the hallway had appeared at the door of the class and was making her way to the front seat.

“Late, Miss Tanner.” Mr Hansell said drowsily to Sorcha. She looked him straight in the eye.

“I’m sorry, Mr. It never happened.” Sorcha replied calmly.

The teacher suddenly had a blank look, “Sure. Never happened.” Then he resumed to his original intentions, to direct the class. “Ok class, take out a blue or black pen in order to take today’s basic words and sentences test.”

Low groans of boredom echoed throughout the class. “Sentences as well as words? Oh man I’m so not gonna be passing this class with flying colours, am I?” Kendra asked rhetorically.

I still couldn’t take my eyes of Sorcha who had just joined our class. I swear I’d never noticed her before, and she was already in two of my classes, plus it was half way through the semester anyway. Also, the exact same thing that happened to the cop with me this morning happened to the teacher with her just now.

I’m sure of it.

“Has everyone got a test paper now? Yes? Ok then, start,” Mr Hansell said with as much enthusiasm as a sloth.

I immediately stuck my head into my test, forgetting whatever else I had on my mind. When I was positive I was going to pass a test I would always shut the outside world out and work like a maniac at filling out these answers. In less than forty minutes I was finished and Kendra looked up at me with eyes that would put a puppy to shame.

“He’ll know Kenz, it’s not worth it.” I whispered in response. I got up to walk to the front and place my test first on the desk but when I got there, it looked like somebody else was finally able to beat my time. As my eyes skimmed over the name, my heart started beating a thousand times in my chest. How on earth did Sorcha manage to finish hers before me?

I started on my way back to my desk and took a quick glimpse at Sorcha. She instantly caught my eyes and smiled at me almost like she didn’t realise how bewildered I was. It was very strange.

As soon as I sat down and started to read in peace, the dork behind me had obviously grown tired of doing something he couldn’t achieve and had started making paper wasps then flinging them around the room using an elastic band. It wasn’t overly bothering me really, but after being so thrown off guard and dead confused about everything that had happened this morning I seriously was not in the mood to put up with this idiot.

Finally he pulled the last straw by hitting me in the back of the head with one of the paper wasps and I just lost it. I stood up, flung myself around and slammed my hands on the desk, “Can you stop that please? I am not in the mood to put up with your crap!”

Turns out the guy behind me was this prick called Darrien who just couldn’t keep still in class and was a plain ass to everyone. But right now his face displayed a look of shock and horror. I couldn’t have been that intimidating. I was a short, skinny girl; what damage could I have done?

Well I was known for beating up a guy in year 9 because he was bullying Kendra about being a skinny swimmer. No one messed with her or me after that, I’m sure I broke a few of his ribs in the process. Thank god it was after school outside the grounds so the school couldn’t suspend me.

“Ho… holy wings,” he exclaimed. His jaw had literally reached the ground. What did he mean… wings? I looked around at the rest of the class and they were all staring at me the same way. Like idiots.

“Págo̱ma!” Sorcha yelled. I turned around to her with her eyes closed and hands out. She eventually retained a normal look and posture, then grinned at me for the thousandth time and said, “You’re welcome.”

“You smile a lot, you know that?” Was all I could come up with.

Instantly the smile was replaced with a grim expression, “I guess I’ve had so much practice, I’ve gotten good at it.”

Sensing uncomfort I tried to ease the tension, “Oh sorry, I meant it as a good thing.”

“It’s ok, just struck a memory. That’s all. So… you wanna know why everyone was freaking out at you and why I sent everybody into a dozy state? Well I actually just froze them but that could have worked too I guess.”

“Uh, yes please!”

“Ok, look behind you. Well not actually behind you. Ok just twist your head.”

I did as she said and I could not believe my own two eyes. Sprouting from both ends of my shoulder blades were the world’s two most beautiful pieces of artwork. No actually, Gaia’s most beautiful pieces of artwork. They gleamed like a rainbow after a summer shower. “No freaking way. I have wings now?”

“Only the finest. They’re amazing, Faylinn.” Sorcha beamed.

“You can call me Fay. Wait, so you’re a faerie too? I guess that explains what you did just before.” I pointed out the rest of the students and the teacher who were all frozen in place.

“Yeah, I am. Funny that,” She rolled her eyes. “So who told you about you? It was pretty obvious you had absolutely no clue before.”

“My mother. She’s one too, well actually half. She’s also part witch so she does witchcraft as well.” I’m not sure how magical that got but I’m sure it had something with all the money she somehow ‘saved’ I figured out eventually.

“Seriously? Your mum is half fae and half witch?”

“Yeah, why?”

Her face fell, “My mother was too. But she uh… she passed away, a long time ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. You live with your father then?”

She shifted uncomfortably for a second but responded ably, “Yeah, but we’re not really close. Anyways we should go outside. I’ve gotta show you something but first talk to you about a few things just to be sure that you really do know what’s happening right now, okay?”

“Sure thing.” I grabbed my things and rushed out the door. Following Sorcha down the hallway I called out to her, “Won’t they regain consciousness soon or something?”

“Not until I say so. It’s kind of a witch thing, you have it too. But you have some other cool powers too. I’m sure you realised that you were spirit already. You know, date of birth and everything? I’m sure you’ve already had something go your way already.” She turned and winked at me while opening the door which lead to a large patch of grass and a forest full of trees that rimmed the side of the school.

Thinking about what she just said I thought about the ticket I was meant to get this morning, but I somehow too easily convinced the police officer that I was innocent and in mourning over my grandmother’s death. I’d either run into so much luck it could last me a lifetime, or I’d become what my mother had said I was meant to be and I was really able to use spirit now. “Well, I did get away with no speeding ticket this morning. It was pretty strange, I did deserve that ticket. I was 30kph over the limit in a suburban area.”

“Yeesh, that’s really fast, Fay! You naughty girl,” she laughed. “Well now you know you can get away with things more easily. Just don’t injure anyone while driving, it’s a hell of a lot harder to heal someone, and I haven’t even heard of very many successful attempts to bring someone back to life. I hear you’ve gotta be quite skilled at healing to be able to do that.”

“I’m sure I won’t be killing anyone anytime soon.” I poked my tongue out at her and she winked back. It was strange, how we’d technically only just met and yet here we were, talking so easily with each other, like we’d known each other our whole lives. Like Kendra and I, just a bit more sisterly in a way. I always wanted a sister but obviously due to the parental situation that was never going to happen. If my father had of stuck around then I could have had that possibility. The thought made me smile, although a little sadness stirred deep inside me but not enough to show on my face, thankfully.

She smiled, “Come on, follow me. I’ve gotta show you something important.” She started to lead me down a mossy trail which seemed to eventually be swallowed up by a massive forest.

“You feel the need to do an Edward?”

“Trust me, it’s necessary.”

“Necessary,” I laughed. I wonder what it could be. Despite a tiny pinch in my gut, I continued to follow her into the depths of the unknown.

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