I wish i could tell you (finshed)

Haley is a 21 year old who's homeless and can't tell anyone why because if she does she could get kill she here's about winning free 1D ticket does she win are is she to late and if she does will she fall in love with louis ???


9. the mall

Haley POV

I just finished talking to louis "love I am so sorry" "it's ok " "louis do u think Lexi has some outfits I can wear "" why" he asked " these r the only clothes I have "" ok " you can go take a shower and I 'll call the girls and u can go the mall" he said " will u go with us " " if u want love i l will do anything for u " he kissed me on my forehead I went into the bathroom and took my outfit and turned on the water how did I get so lucky

Louis POV

I walked back to r room and i hear haley singing in the shower to look after you

If I don't say this how I will surly break as I m leaving the one I want to take forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait my heart has stared to separate

Her voice I amazing and then I here a loud thump and a ouch u ok I yelled " yeah baby I am " "the girls said they will be here in 39 mins " "ok" '"I will right down "

Louis POV

The girls came and we went from store to store and I payed but haley didn't want me to then we ate lunch and went home and I knocked on harrys door he told me to come in and harry said "louis I am sorry it's not your fault" " yeah sorry to do u want come down stairs " " no u need alone time with Haley. " " ok love u hazza " "love u too boobear" I walked down stairs and see haley sitting down so walk over to her and I kiss her on the cheek " that's all I get "she said in a playing voice" ohh so u play like that " I picked her and she was yelling "put me down "I put her on her feet and before she could say anything I crashed my lips into hers and she started playing with my hair and I rubbed my hand on her back soon we parted and we then we put on a movie and we soon fell asleep

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