I wish i could tell you (finshed)

Haley is a 21 year old who's homeless and can't tell anyone why because if she does she could get kill she here's about winning free 1D ticket does she win are is she to late and if she does will she fall in love with louis ???


22. the date

Haley POV

The boy and there girls or about to leave when I come down in my superman pjs " sure u don't want to go "Niall asked " yeah" just then Lou walked in in his superman pjs too " TWIN SUPERMAN " I yelled they all laughed at me " ok we have to leave " daddy directioner said " ok come on twin superman " Lou said with a little laugh " bye " I yell then I hear the door shut we sit down and said " can we watch grease " " yes I love that movie " he yelled" I know " he gets up and put the movie in and sits back down and I know I love him now I said in his ear " I love baby " and smiled " love u too " he said back and then I fell asleep

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