I wish i could tell you (finshed)

Haley is a 21 year old who's homeless and can't tell anyone why because if she does she could get kill she here's about winning free 1D ticket does she win are is she to late and if she does will she fall in love with louis ???


10. New Year's Eve party

Louis POV

I wake up with my arm around Haley I look down to see her pretty brown eyes looking up at me " good morning baby "she said with a smile on her face "good morning to u to love " I said we kissed and pulled apart " today's the party " she jumped up and ran up the stairs and ran into Harry's room

Haley POV

I ran into Harry's room and jumped on his bed " wake upppppppppppp !!!!!!!! " I yelled " what who died !! " I just fell off bed in laughter " u ok love " " yea baby ok "harry get dressed and come down stairs set up " me and louis went to r room and he said "here's this is for u " " no u don't have to give me anything " " yes I do love take it " " ok but I am doing this because I want to " I slowly open the box " it a phone " I yelled he had a big smile " put all the numbers in there for u " " thank u " " ur welcome " the I here and someone yelled " vas happening " " let's watch toy story " " I want food " It is the boys we ran down stairs " we r here to help Niall said " come let started " I said " no no no u go get ready love " " alright can the girls come to get ready with me " " yea " thanks baby " we kiss for a long time and when we pull apart we get confused faces " guy me and Haley r dating " louis said "ohh " they so I ran up stair and called the girls they said they be here in 10 mins so I start to look in my closet 10 mins later a knock on the door " I got ran out the room and tripped down the Stairs "I am ok " yelled and opened the door " hey" they " hi " I said back " and this is my friend Peyton" we all walked up to my and louis room 2 hours later we r done I am a short baby blue dress and a pair of back heels just then louis knocked on the " come in baby " " going to party" kammie yelled all girls went down and louis kissed me the cheek and we grab hands and walk down stairs and my song comes on " come on louis let's dance " " I don't dance ask Niall to dance " " ok " so I grab Niall and go dance

Louis POV

She grab Niall and she go's to dance she so sad or happy I don't know but that should be me so I walk over to Niall and tap on him " and I cut of course mate " I grab her pull her close and I take her hand and put my arm around her and she puts her hand on my shoulder and she put her head on me and it felt like forever and then I said "I love u " I could see her tearing up " I love u too " and then she asked "can go get me a drink " "yea I'll be back "

Haley's POV

He went to get me a drink and I look over and harry and Peyton r hitting it off it is one min to midnight and Peyton and harry r kissing I go find louis for my kiss I walk In the kitchen and Lexi and louis r kissing and I yelled " louis what going on " " Haley she kissed me whatever louis " " kammie kammie " I yelled "Haley it's not what u think " " kammie can I stay with u " " yea come on let's go" I turn around to see louis crying

Louis pov

I was making haley a drink when someone pulls me around and kiss me I just think it haley so I kiss back but then heard "louis what going on " felt my tears coming I was crazy next thing I know she was gone and I was crying

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