I wish i could tell you (finshed)

Haley is a 21 year old who's homeless and can't tell anyone why because if she does she could get kill she here's about winning free 1D ticket does she win are is she to late and if she does will she fall in love with louis ???


23. break in

I woke laying on the couch and louis was not there I walked in the kitchen and saw a note on the table Haley love u I went to the store and I'll be back soon love u wow him is so sweet I went up stairs and walked into Harry's room he's not there so the I walked into our room and then I heard a glass break I stood there frozen then I feel a pain in my back I fall to the floor and he walked over to me and he felt that pain once more and I could feel the blood running out my body I hear him run down stairs and out a door and then I hear the door open again and I heard someone yell " what in the hell happend here " it was louis " yelled his name over and over again " LOUIS LOUIS HELP ME " " Haley love " he ran in the room " love love " he said as he ran over to me he turned me around he kissed me on the forehead and the room was spinning and the last thing I saw was louis on the phone and I was out

Louis POV

I called 911 and then the harry and he said the boy where with and he tell them and he an the boys will meet me at the er oh my love is she going to be ok I can feel the tears come out

Harry POV

I just got off the phone I was laying next to Peyton in Niall living room I get up trying not to step on the boy then yell " get ur lazy asses up Haley is in the er " loud they all jump and niall yelled " who died hold on let go eat first "" Haley's in the er she was shoot two times someone broke in and louis wasn't home come on " " oh " they all said with a worrid look on there face and grabed there stuff

Haley's POV

I open my eyes to see my real dad " what the fuck " I say " baby girl watch ur self " he said with a smile " u died when I was a baby so how r u here ?" ( btw my real dad really did past away when I was a baby but it is ok that was along time a go ) " baby ur dead "

I am died ...

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