I wish i could tell you (finshed)

Haley is a 21 year old who's homeless and can't tell anyone why because if she does she could get kill she here's about winning free 1D ticket does she win are is she to late and if she does will she fall in love with louis ???


1. tickets

Hi i'am Haley a normal 21 year old not really I am homeless don't want to get in to that now I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and I'am tan and I love to sing and I do it all the time now to the story HALEY POV I went into the radio store and I started walking around the radio store when they said something on the radio about winning free one direction tickets and a free backstage pass I really wanted to go then I remembered I had 50 cents in my pockets a lady give me last week so I ran out the door and around the corner to the phone booth and dialed the number and someone picked up the phone and said I won !!!! I about died right there they said to show up early tomorrow morning in down town London so they hung up the phone and I thought i would start to find some place to stay for tonight so I walked around till I found a nice park bench to sleep so I layed down and I found my eyes start to get heavy and I soon fell a sleep

I hope u Guys like it so far it's my first story and sorry it's so short !!!

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