You Again?


1. Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Kari. Have you ever had that one crush that comes out of nowhere, like you just met someone and they say this one thing and you almost completely fall for them. Yeah, thats what happened to me. I fell for this guy Zayn. I didn't know him enough to get his last name, but hey, I didn't get his number either. Anyways, summer camp is over and I'll probably never see him again which is probably for the best. 


* 2 months later*


My phone started playing Best Song Ever notifying me I had gotten a text message. It was from my best friend Hannah. 


Hey Kari. r we still meeting up @ ur house 4 the football game? 


yeah bring your spirit wear, btw we're gonna ft kaelin when you get here


k ill b over in about 15 min. 


I went to my closet and started picking out what I was going to wear. Tonight was white and crimson night so I picked out a pair of white jeans and my crimson East Riverton High shirt. I don't have a boyfriend but I have to look good, cause who knows if there will be any cute boys there! I heard the doorbell ring and went to go open it for Hannah. 


She stood there wearing her white Riverton High shirt and crimson shorts. Her hair was curled and she had red streaks of glitter (resembling eye black) on her cheeks. 


"Go Devils!" she yelled as she walked past me into my house. 


I follow her into my bedroom and saw she was already on my laptop video chatting Kaelin. 


"How's Kentucky?" I asked. 


"Great, I guess. It's as great as it can get with your family trailing behind you." 


We all laughed.


We talked for about 30 minutes until the clock read 6:30. 


"Hannah! We're gonna be late. Sorry Kaelin but we've got to get to the football game," I said. 


"Alright, bye guys. Have fun tonight! Tell Hunter I said hi please," she said. 


"Okay, talk to you later," Hannah said waving. 


I shuffled through my stuff looking for my sweatshirt, then after putting on my eye black, we made our way downstairs. 


@KariFinnland: fooootbaaalll gameee<3 <3


We arrived at the foot ball field 15 minutes later. 


"See we didn't have to leave so early. You didn't have to interrupt my conversation about matt pesh," Hannah complained. 


"Oh shush. I'll buy you nachos if you quit complaining," I said rolling my eyes. 


"EEK! Okay!" Hannah said squealing. "I'm going to go sit down, my stomach hurts right now."


I got up to the concession to order our food. Suddenly, I spotted my friend Louis who is on the Riverton High Baseball Team. 


"Hey Louis, whats up? Didn't you have a baseball game?" I asked. 


"Yeah, I didn't go though because my friend who is moving here next weekend came to visit me," he said. 


"Oh that's cool. Can I meet him?" 


"Yeah sure. He's ordering right now and then we'll meet up." 


"Okay, I'm just going to order my food and then give it to Hannah because she will not stop complaining!" I said.


"Okay see ya soon Kar," he chuckled. 


I ordered my food and went to go see Hannah. 


"Here is your soda, nachos, and pizza," I said. 


"Thanks, where are you going?" she asked as I was walking away. 


"I'm going to meet Louis' friend that he brought, would you like to come with?" 


"Nah, thats alright! I'll see you soon," she said smiling. 


"Okay, bye Han," I said waving. 


I started walking along the fence trying to spot Louis. 


"AHHH!" I shouted falling backwards. 


"Sor--" was the last thing I heard before my world went black. 







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