The diary switch


1. the diary

Dear diary,

Hi im harry i am 19 years old and im going to start this i go to river brick high and im basically a geek theres this one guy named louis at my school hes perfect he has the cuttest smile also his high-pitched voice makes me giggle until i cant hold it in theres only one problem hes probably straight considering his girlfreind eleanor and the fact that he hates me and bullys me.

Im bisexual i am more on the likeing guys side though. I guess im also just not good enough i have gross curla green eyes the color of barf and just look at me im harry im not perfect nor speacil well im going to go ill write soon



"Out of my way harry" says louis in a hesitated voice

"Sorry" says harry

"Class be quiet" says mrs allen

"Louis um what are we doing for the project" says harry

"Dont you mean what are you doin while i sit on your bed today" says louis

"Ok um so come at 6" says harry

"Sure whatever" says louis

* louis on harrys bed throwing a ball in the air looking at harry and harry is working on the project*

Louis pov

Look at harry hes so adorable with those tweezers in has hand he has the perfect body his curls are amazing and his dimples make me want to poke them and his emerald green eyes make me vanish to a whole new fantasy world if harry ever knew this id just die hed never like me hes probably straight and im so mean to him also he thinks im straight for eleanor but its my cover up eleanors just my couzin

*class has ended louis finds harrys diary under his desk opens it and finds 46 pages including his name in it*


Tell me how you like it any ideas and if enough people like it ill post more

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