Why me

Alexia Edward is a girl who has a sickness where she throws up blood and eventually die if she does not get help. Will her old friend Niall Horan help with the problem or just make it worse?


1. why?

Alexia's pov

I ran into the bathroom feeling the blood come up. I burst through the school bathroom doors. I sprinted to the toilets. I made it just in time to. I felt the gross warm blood run out of my mouth. This isn't the first time this has happend. The doctors say that I could die if I don't get "perfeshanal" help. I don't have enough money. I mean I'm taking care of my younger sister. Her name is Natalie we call her Nat she is only 2 years younger then me but when our mom died I promised I would take care of her. My dad really isn't in the picture right now he is in jail for hitting my mom. My mom died of the same thing I have.

Nat doesn't know about the sickness but I need to tell her . Yeah that's right I didn't even tell my sister, my own sister. I sound like a totally bad sister/care giver but I just don't want her to be worried. Nat is 16 I'm 18. You know what sucks is that it's my senior year and I have to deal with crap. The only person that did know about it was my best friend Danielle a.k.a Danny. And the only reason she knows is because she was there one day when I had to you know puke.

I got up and walked to the sink. I looked at my reflection and was disappointed at what i saw. I had bags under my eyes I was pale and I looked really sick. I rinsed out my mouth and sat agents a bathroom stall. I brought my hand up to my face and cried. Not just a little tiny cry but like balling. I was crying for Natalie not knowing. For my best friend. For my mom. For my even my dad. Everything pretty much.

I Hurd the bathroom door open. I sprang up wiping off my tears really fast. Then I saw Danny I stopped to look at her. I ran to her and cried in her arms. She just kept on saying "it's going to be all right," or "it's ok." But I knew it wasn't I was useless.

Ok so sorta a short chapter but the others will be longer ok bye luv u guys - A-Bear :)

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