Simple things


2. Manchester

Once we were in Ben’s apartment he told that he has sign with them. I was so happy for me. We toast to it with beer and went to sleep, but not before he took his guitar and sang me my favorite song. These Waters.

(here is a link is you wanna sing to it

“I saw red and yellow flowers outside over the moors yeah
And brightest sunrise over to have touched my eyes

And through it all,
I stood and stumbled, waded through my thoughts and heart
Yeah through it all,
I fooled and fumbled, lost to the poet's frown.
I fought the wolves of patience just to let it lie down.

See these waters they'll pull you up,
Oh now if you're bolder than the darkness.
My my, let these songs be an instrument to cut,
Oh spaces 'tween the happiness and the hardness.
Yeah my my, spaces 'tween the happiness and the hardness” 

In the next few weeks, I went to my new college to a guide tour of the faculties. Buy everything I might need

In the next few weeks, I went to my new college for a guide your of the faculties, bought everything I might need (the obvious stuff like pens, and paper, and notebooks). I am going to stay with Ben in his apartment. My university is called The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (or just Imperial College London), is not very famous outside of England like Oxford or Cambridge, but is one of the top five universities. It has the best chemistry program in the country, and since I want to major in chemistry is the best option.

I am extremely happy that today is first match of the Barclays Premier League. Although in my family we are all very different there is something that we all love with our hearts and souls and that is football, we watch every game since I can remember; every weekend afternoon was football time. We all cherish one team, the greatest team ever, Liverpool FC. When they are playing, those two hours become the only thing we can think of. We go to the stadium only one times a season, when they are playing home against Everton FC.



“I bought the wrong ticket” I said to myself when I look around and the only thing I could see were Manchester United fans. Shit.  The first Liverpool vs. Man. United game of the season and I am on the wrong side of the stadium. I was really scared because I might be seated next to some hooligans. I zip up my hoodie trying to hide my LFC shirt. Manchester fans every single way I turn; at least I have a good seat. Forgot to tell you I came alone to watch the game because Ben is still recording.


I sat on my sit and wait, hopping somebody else had screwed it up too. Nobody did. Two young men sat on my right and an older couple with a child on my left. The kick starts.

“Goal” I scream for my insides. We just scored an amazing goal but I couldn’t celebrate it. The two guys sitting next to me started to discussed how can the defense line allow that goal, Liverpool’s attack wasn’t that good, I jump in the conversation an told them that the Man. United defense didn’t stand a chance because Liverpool’s play was not elaborated but fast. In two passes they were in the goalkeeper’s area and that Suarez was great at this kind of moves. They looked at me astonished, I realize what I just said and try to fix it but it was too late. 

“You are a Liverpool fan, aren’t you?” said the one closest to me. I feel like they were going to kill me.

”No, not at all” I said trying sound as offended as possible. 

“Yeah, you are” said the other one “I can see your shirt” well I am screwed.

“Um... Yea, I am” I said “I bought the wrong ticket; but it was such a great seat that I didn’t wanna waist it, so I stay” I continue trying to explain myself. They both look at me for a while then one of them starts laughing at me, and the other follows him. I felt so embarrassed and awful. When they finally stop laughing, they look at me.

“I never meet someone that bought the wrong tickets” said the one sitting next to me.

“Well, there’s always a first time” I reply. Could I have think of something more cliché than that phrase.

“Yea, well, it’s true. Just be thankful we are not hooligans cause if we were...” he said. I knew exactly what he meant; I will be probably dead by now. A hooligan is the term for fans that just go to the extreme, getting in fights with the fans of the other teams and tattooing their team’s slogan or shield in their bodies. 

The next 20 min felt awkward. I just sat there watching the game and feeling the constant looks from the guys. The match was 1-1 when one of them said to me.

“Hey, if your team wins we invite you a drink, but if Liverpool lose you buy us some beers” he proposed “Even better, if your team lose we invite you to a drink also, you know cause all the stress you may be feeling right now” he finish. I was indeed feeling stress out of my mind because of the game and because of my position. 

“Ok” I agreed “But let me clarify something, if Liverpool loses I invite you two to beers but you also invite me to one?” I ask. It doesn’t sound like a good deal for them.

“Yes and no. You buy us one beer each and we both only get you one” he said with a big smile on his face. They staring to look really familiar but i am not very good with faces. 

“Oh haha” I laugh “I see now, well let’s do it”

5 minutes before the match end and the game is still at draw (1-1). 


“I guess our little bet isn’t going to work out” One of them said to me. And just he is finishing his sentence they score. F*cking team. Is the only thing I could think, they score at the last minute, then the referee blow the whistle twice indicating that the game is over and so is my patience. I swear my heart out, fortunately the sound of the fans celebrating cover my strong language.  


“Guess you owe us some beers” They both look at me with a cocky look and it only made things worse. I my mind i just wanted to scream at them, but they both were really good looking so I stay a lady, for at least a couple of hours until I go home. 

“I guess so” I said trying to swallow my anger “Where you wanna go?”

“There is this great place nearby, we can take you”

“Ok” I agreed. I don’t have a car. I prefer public transportation. We arrive to a small pub in the corner of the street, very England some may say. We sat at the end of it and order 3 beers. Guinness of course. The waitress came with them and we started drinking.

“What a match!” said the guy with green eyes.

“Matches like this make me anxious” I said as the alcohol enters my blood drain and make its way to my brain. 

“So how does one buy the wrong ticket?” ask the guy with straight brown hair as he smiles at me with a slight of mocking me. 

“One buys the wrong ticket when ones brother is hurrying ones ass because said brother need the computer” I reply. They smile with a slight laugh hiding. 

“Well, thank God for said brother, because now I have free beer” He said holding his beer with his hand and lifting it. I just look at him trying not laugh. 

“You know what is just realized?” I ask in a rhetorical way “We have been talking for like 3 hours now and I don’t know your names”

“Yea, you are right. I’m Harry” said the green eyed guy “and this fine piece of humanity is Louis” he continue.

“Very nice to meet you” I said “I’m Edith”

“Eddie!” They both screamed. I look at them like if they were mad “Isn’t that what they call you?”

“No” I said laughing “But they should, is a really good nickname”

“Then what do they called you?” ask Harry.

“Billie” I answer

“Billie!?” said Louis curious “Why Billie?”

“My middle name is Jean” They look at me a little confused “Billie Jean… is not my lover” I started singing.

“She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one” Louis and Harry sang along “But the kid is not my son, she says I am the one but the kid is not my son”

I look at them and laugh. They looked ridiculous singing. And then it hit me. I stared at them for a while; I got the feeling that if I saying that they are the Harry and Louis from One Direction out loud wouldn’t make them happy. I think they could see it in my eyes because they changed the conversation to something that they knew was going to get me out of this sort of trance I’m in.

“Liverpool played really good, uh?”

“Oh shut it” I said “We play like warriors”

“No you didn’t” said Louis “The goal was pure luck and the only reason that we didn’t score more is because we wanted to give the audience a good show”

“Oh fuck off” guess I lost the lady inside me.

“Oh, don’t be a sore loser” Said Louis

“Don’t be a terrible winner” I said. The conversation continues smoothly and for moments I even forget the fact that they were, you know, who they were.

At 7pm I decided that is was time to go home, so I called my brother to pick me up. When he arrived, I exchanged numbers with the guys and headed home. Ben wasn’t really happy of fact that I was with two guys in a bar, but I told him the whole story (hiding the fact that they were the guys from one direction) and the only thing he did was laughing at me.

Once we were home I took a quick shower, changed into my pajamas and prepared myself to sleep. Tomorrow is my first day in college and I am nervous but excited to see what happen. I fall sleep almost immediately. 

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